Shit Hole SEOShit Hole SEO & Inbound Ballistic Missiles, “O” crap I can hardly contain myself. Which should I write about this week? I understand that using a metaphor like “shit hole” was taken out of its true and intended context. But really “Inbound Ballistic Missiles” that is too much! It is almost too good / funny / or sad to be true. I knew it would happen, and it did, last night, I saw the first of many news stories blaming President Trump for the “Hawaiian” mistake.
However, that is Shit Hole journalism on its face.

Shit Hole SEO

I spend a lot of time worrying about SEO, and how Google and Zuckerberg might perceive the world. If you look back at my years of blogs that include topics like “SEO that Matters” “Link Building” “SEO for Survival” you clearly understand that I care a lot about the SEO World.

If you pile in topics like Spector, Cell phone technology, Citizen Sophie. Then add Gary targeted SEOThuerk, Ajit Pai, Stéphane Charbonnier, Customer Service, SEO Glue, and add SEO copywriting, dangers, things to avoid, things to do and alike. I think there is a very well rounded view of SEO, current events, and the World.

Sometimes it is meant to be funny, sometimes I poke fun at world events, sometimes I can be severe and reflective, and sometimes I’m appalled at the world or SEO techniques I see. Today’s blog falls into that last category.


There are so many mistakes I see. Very recently we brought on a new client. They could not be found, even if you typed in their own URL. When we looked into the sight, we found White on White keywords as text, Broken Links, Broken internal Links, Images with missing Balistic SEOor broken paths, and much more.

You might say that was old SEO or a former Black Hat site. It wasn’t; it was new, I mean it had been built in the last year. What kind of idiot thinks, first of all, that these techniques work, or that it is any kind of Quality SEO? I am appalled that they even tried to slip it past Google?

In Conclusion

Ok, sometimes we misspeak or make a mistake. “Shit Hole” country, or “Inbound Ballistic Missiles” are blatant examples of this. But come on, we are professionals we need to act like it. White hat is the only way forward. Never try to game Google, Never try to cheat. “The System” is getting better every day at catching errors , not worse.

Always practice White Hat SEO, never make stupid ,silly or mindless mistakes. Never try to game anyone, whether it is a client or Google.  Inbound SEO

If you are a politician never make stupid ,silly or mindless mistakes.

And always have e2 Total Solutions do your SEO, to avoid stupid ,silly or mindless mistakes.