Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is Critical to your Survival. I recently found myself explaining to someone that they used to print these great big books and deliver them to each of our homes. Then you would fumble through them hoping to find someone that provided the needed services. Today you can find anything quickly and efficiently online. Wow what a change. However, Search Engine Optimization is key. You must be found quickly and efficiently for your product or service. In short you must be optimized in a category or group of categories. You need SEO!


Let’s talk Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. It never just happens, what I mean is that in every search I preform, the internet renders appropriate sites based on my search criteria. More critically I should say Google renders an appropriate site based on my search criteria. Every search, every time, all the time. It is totally dependent on what I type into my search term, and then Google will deliver relevant sites, based solely on those words, or terms.

It is not magic! SEO is science based. When I teach my classes on Internet Marketing and Optimization student go crazy when I say that. It is very simply a math problem that needs a solution. “Requires a solution” or “requires solving the problem” wow is that weird. No not at all, think about this for a second. You have a need, you type a request and Google or the intent delivers a simple solution quickly and accurately. If you do not like the results, you refine your request, and then Google delivers a quick reliable solution to your request or solves the math problem.

How does the internet solve the problem? It is SEO. Google catalogues every known site. I say known site because their task is overwhelming. There are so many sites coming online, and going down every day that is must seem daunting. At the writing of this blog there were approximately 1,120,170,023 give or take. (

In Conclusion

Over the next few weeks we will discuss many of the reasons your website may or may not render in a SEO search. I do need to emphasize that this is a moving target. And will always be in flux or fluidly moving. This also happens by design. If SEO was consistent and Google rendered the same search every time, you would become bored and quit searching.  Google believes that change is the spice of life, so they will tweak the math problem, as many as several times a day.

I began by saying SEO is critical to your survival, it is. So stay tuned to learn more about SEO, the importance of Link Building, and why Social Media matters.

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