SEO that MattersSEO that Matters, I recently bought a new client on board. Her company is Healthy Me, Healthy We (don’t bother looking for her … yet) Her primary focus is human health and wellbeing, focused through proven nutrition, exercise, community, support and convince. A simple, and yet very effective methodology.  She has made my thoughts turn to the overall health of our websites.

Five things

As the year draws to a close, we often cautiously look back at our accomplishments, and I believe we should consider our failures as well. I subscribe to the saying “Forget the mistakes, remember the lessons” (author unknown)

Along with this line of thinking, there are several compelling and straightforward SEO lessons that make a huge difference in the health of our sites. I’m going to recap them so we can remember the lessons of SEO that Matters.

Social Media InvolvementSEO that matters

As an SEO professional, we would be negligent if we ignored Social Media in any way. I spend more time discussing my client’s social media than almost any other aspect of our SEO engagement. It is time-consuming, yet very useful. Care about their client’s demographic, the find a platform that fits. This will make them use SEO that Matters.

Quality Backlinks

As a company that cares about SEO I cannot say it often enough “install Quality Backlinks” it is also one of the most difficult strategies to sell. It is time-consuming and slow to see results. However, the effects are poignant and long lasting! This is indeed a function of SEO that Matters.

Page Load Times

seo that mattersMore and more page load times keep me awake at night. I know Google is driving toward an AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages) testing. In addition, both Word Press and Yoast have spent unbelievable resources trying to improve and understand what Google will ultimately want. This should be a priority for SEO that Matters.

Unique & Viral Content

Need I say anything more? Content is simply the cornerstone of all quality SEO. Creating unique and more importantly, any viral content is a bonus. Pay attention to content, it’s readability, is it focused on a topic or keyword? Content is the beginning and end of SEO that Matters.

Balance your Efforts

It was more than a decade ago when I started to help clients with their SEO.  It was simple back then. Today’s quality SEO has become a complex, but still a very manageable monster. Balance your effort s; there is not a single silver bullet. It is all of the impactful things we do. Let me say that again… It is all of the things we do that makes quality, SEO that matters.

seo that mattersIn Conclusion

During the change of this old year,  into the new. I just wanted to remind all of you that SEO Matters. Please be mindful, and practice only white hat techniques. Keep our clients in mind, and have a safe and prosperous new year.  SEO that Matters is instrumental to our profession.

And always remember to have help you Develop an SEO Strategy that matters.