SEO scar

SEO Scar – I noticed the other morning when getting in the shower several scars on my body. After some time admiring them I started to think. Don’t get me wrong, I deserve (earned) most of them. There are very few that I would consider accidental or undeserving. However, they are still there, and it started me thinking about SEO.

Scar Up your SEO

I know you are wondering how this could possibly be related to SEO search engine optimization? Bear with me for a moment. I have don’t many things in my life; many would consider crazy. For those of you that frequently check into this blog. You know I have several thousand skydives, I have scuba dove with sharks, I ski races, motorcycle raced, played football on a college level, and so forth.

Fake scarHaving run an SEO company for nearly a decade and a half, I have also earned some SEO scars. I don’t know if the mentioned is because a new season of Walking Dead has just begun. Or maybe it is the impending doom of what is sure to be a very scary Halloween. You can always tell it is going to be extra frightening when the big box stores put out their displays before Labor Day.

The Scars I know

Suppose that not just your body, but your web site has seen more than a few promotions or events. Would you fully expect there to be some SEO scars? I would think so. If fact, if you do not have a notch of scars, either good or bad, then I would submit you are not taking advantage of the internet, in the way it is meant to be used.

Scared StatueA B Testing

One of the best methodologies of scaring up your SEO is simply A B testing. By nature, it is designed to throw our some crazy “risky” ideas. The after appropriate measuring, you will see which ideas float to the top. In several of my speeches or classes, I have been known to say “Fail Fast” If you are closed-minded, then this type of speak usually upsets you. I do not want any of my students to “fail” However, I do want them to learn quickly.

SEO is sometimes a rodeo, and sometimes a ballet. But if you are always an observer, then you will never know the fun or enjoyment of being an on the bull or spun like a ballerina. Get out there and take some chances, push the envelope, there is little to be lost, and much to be gained.

In Conclusion

During this season of scared faces and scary children showing up at my door. Every time I see one, I will wonder what SEO scar or lesson was learned to get that wound. A B testing is just one way to warrant a scar. But always worth the battle when you consider what is learned, so go ahead and fail… fast

You need to understand the difference between fake cosmetic scars, and real-life SEO scars. So if you need an experienced company, with some scars to help navigate the maze of A B Testing. Or any of the numerous possible SEO battles. Contact e2 Total Solutions for complimentary consolations. There is still time to test, measure, then retest before the Holidays are upon us. If you need helps with sales, you may also consider contacting a division of e2 Total Solutions.

SEO Scar