Social DistancingSocial Distancing – Distancing is considered a disorder of sorts. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I would hear it recommended by professionals on the television. Even after a pandemic in other countries, I wouldn’t have guessed it would become a proposal in the United States.

Hug Others

There you are, I admit it, and I’m a hugger. Generally speaking, I enjoy encounters with friends, business colleagues, new acquaintances, or others. I quickly shake hands, embrace, give high fives, and even a slap on the back. So, what does Social Distancing even mean? By definition, from the press and our leaders, it means no gathering larger than twenty people in one location. I just heard we are canceling several networking events I regularly attend.

No thanksAll of our lives, we have been taught to connect with others. It has been engrained that isolation is terrible; it can, in fact, be very unproductive.  Even as children, we were taught to become part of the pack. In older ages, we are taught to keep engaged with the team. My mother suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s. The Dr.s told us that social entrancement was the single most important deterrent. Yesterday I was told I could not even enter the retirement community where she lives. She is being forced to eat meals alone and not interact with her pack on any level. The entire facility is locked down.

Social Distancing

I know it is best for the long-term health of the older population. I understand it is best for all the other generations and age groups. However, it runs against my grain. I have never been much of a joiner or follower. However, it strikes me now, what a truly social animal I have become.

All of my clients I consider friends, I would not usually hesitate to hug or firmly shake hands with any of them. Yesterday I was forced to re-consider a seminar I was planning for next week. Thursday the 19th from 1:00-5:00 at the local Steven Henagar college.

virusIronically the topic was Social Engagement.  More specifically, how to use social media to attract potential clients. Then increasing interaction via websites and promoting personal communications to the point of trust, ultimately converting them to become clients. This whole Social Distancing thing pokes severe holes in that boat, for the time being.

As mentioned, we have canceled the event at the college. We have moved it to become a fully online event. So obviously have the technology to stream it live. We are even offering it for replay on several platforms, at the viewer’s convince. This CoronaVirus has changed our event, and I believe it will impact our lives and business.


There are three instructors for the seminar. Each I consider an expert in their fields. Boyd Peterson is a Social Media guru. I will be discussing web design, architecture with lead capture, conversion, and SEO. Then Clay Neves will teach us all on the art of the close. He is a salesman’s salesman, extraordinaire. You can all attend by clicking this link and registering here.

In Conclusion

I believe this CoroanVirus is a game-changer. Not just a Social Distancing Pandemic. There have been few technological events that will impact our fearsociety the way this will. All schools, colleges, and most businesses have been forced to consider remote classes or telecommuting in one fashion or another.

The Genie is out of the bottle; the fact that we are even discussing Social Distancing is a game-changer. Once the Genie is out, I do not believe we will ever be able to put her back.

The new “e-conomy” will include so many more activities online, and quite possibly fewer interpersonal interactions. I loved them, I will miss them.

However, if you need help with this or any other internet problems, interactions, or technology. e2 Total Solutions are always willing to jump in and create solutions for you, your business, or other challenges you may face.