Do Social Signals really matter – Well, the short answer is yes, of course, they do! I have been watching my analytics for so many years, I’m afraid even to tell you. I was using Urchin before there was a Google Analytics. With that much data (or lack of sleep), you have plenty of time to observe some trends.

Over Timegoogle analytics

Social signals have been mentioned in many articles in many ways. It was the guru of all things Google, Matt Cutts that confirmed Google was watching both Twitter and Facebook signals as a method of worth. I believe this article (click here) was published back in December 2010.

The trends we have observed have also very slowly, subtly almost passively been increasing over the past decade. It started with a mention in a GA report, then raised in occurrence over multiple SEO testing and monitoring platforms.

Social Signals

Today, they almost run hand in hand with Google. It is an assertion, but when you look at the internet today, a few things are apparent. First, Google My Business and Facebook are the only two signals that are monitored or considered in ranking performance. Google almost seems desperate to keep its competitive edge over Facebook.

the keyIt is overwhelming, and painfully obvious that all searches are moving to cell phones and away from desktops. Being a content creator is a big business today. Most people are content consumers, not creators. Google is waging war trying to stay relevant in this exploding environment. It is competitive and fluid; to win the battle takes forethought and planning.


Last week I gave one of my usual speeches at a business conference. It was called “Leads 2 Sales 4 Gr8r Profit$” There were three presenters, Boyd Petersen, myself, and Clay Neves. The general premise is that we should generate attraction on Social Signals and Media. There you can drive them to a landing page, website, or sales funnel. Then learn how to close the deal. It is a fun seminar, and all the presenters ROCK! Especially the guy in the middle, the one covering web architecture and SEO.

It was a smaller group than we were accustomed to. With a more intimate setting, we were all a bit more interactive with the audience than we would usually have been. They were engaged, thoughtful and asked many questions about how social signals related to SEO and websites in general. Great question and interactions from all that participated, and I know all the presenters enjoyed their attentiveness.

But I heard myself say this “that this presentation one year from now, will almost exclusively be about voice search.” Wow, did I really say that? I couldn’t believe my own ears (voice). But it is true; the future search will sound like “Hey Google,” “Alexia,” or “Hey Siri.”

In Conclusionecho

I know it has been a winding path from “Do Social Signals Matter, to “Hey Siri.” However, if you can indulge me for one more minute. The reference at the beginning that goes back to Urchin, or Pre-Google Analytics. Were because I have had the luxury of watching the internet evolve.

I have watched from the beginning of single word searches to complex questions. I have watched from no social media to complex social signals being part of today’s algorithm. Then we have literally watched from NO Google to them becoming a dominant worldwide powerhouse the crushes the competition. We are watching the souls of all desktop users migrate to their cell phones.

So the next logical step is to wonder where we are heading? I cannot imagine with other dominant players like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and others competing for Google’s search dominance. All are wanting their hands in the very profitable search cookie jar, that Voice Search won’t manipulate us, viewers or shall I say, listeners.

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