SEO Services Real Estate

SEO Benefits for a Real Estate Business:

  • Gain more high-end listings . . .
  • Create satisfied clients  . . .
  • Produce more referral business . . .
  • Attract more buyers . . .
  • Boost the search position of your main real estate website

SEO Services – Home Showcasing

As a real estate agent, when you take a high-end listing from a home seller you want to ensure that the home is presented fully and beautifully on the Internet. You want to be able to display a high-end property completely to prospective buyers. You also want to let the home owner know that you can do this. The home is and should be in the spotlight and it is your job as a real estate agent to make sure it is presented well. You want it to shine.

Ideally, any home you list should stand out in the minds of prospective buyers in the price range of the home. You want it to be a star. If there are five homes for sale in your immediate area, you want your showcasing of your listing to leave the best impression and a dedicated home showcasing website can help.

A Dedicated Home Showcasing Website is affordable and easy to set up. Plus you can do a great deal more to showcase a home if you have an entire website to work with. Home owners love the additional attention that their property gets with a Dedicated Home Showcasing Website.

Of course they are not just for any home. This marketing strategy is typically applied for very nice properties that need more than the standard MLS showcasing.

In addition to the home showcasing, a Dedicated Home Showcasing Website can also significantly help the off-site search engine optimization for your main real estate website. This is extremely valuable to your business and an important part of our SEO Services for Real Estate Companies.

Call us to let us explain how this approach can help you with home owners, buyers and the search engines.

What You Get with a Home Showcasing Website

  • A website site up with your branding dedicated to a single property
  • The Website will have custom imagery for your specific listing as part of the theme
  • Listing Details Page
  • About the Area Page
  • Photo Gallery
  • Map Page
  • Multi-Media Page (you must provide the multi-media) 
  • About Your Business Page
  • Contact Page
  • Contact Form Page
  • In-coming links to your main real estate website

SEO Services Real Estate – In-coming Links

Through in-coming links to your website, search engines determine the popularity and authority level of your website. The more links you have the more popular your site is. This is important information to a search engine deciding where to present your site in its search engine results display. Also, the more keyword phrase links your site has the more clues the search engines have as to what your site is all about.

Search engines also analyze the quality of the sites that link to your site. The more relevant and the more authority a linking site has the more power a link from that site has for your website. Internet authority models suggest that links are a very good way of identifying expert materials on the topic of real estate.

Does your site have enough high-quality links to out-position your competitors in search? Let us help you to understand. Our SEO Services for Real Estate will give you an very strong picture of how your site is now set up from an in-coming linking perspective. If you become a client we will tell you about the link network of your competitors.

To learn more about our SEO Services for real estate we invite your to fill out our handy online form.