Link Building

One of the critical components of SEO (search engine optimization) is link building

This seemingly small practice helps build up your website’s authority and clout in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing. Lots of outside links pointing toward your site help it rank higher in the results pages.

This is especially important if you are trying to use your website to position yourself as an expert. When a lot of authoritative sites are linking back to your website, this shows search engines that you, yourself, are an authority.

Strategies for Link Building

When you engage in link building, you are actively trying to get other high-quality sites linking back to your page. Here are some ways you can do this:

1. Build Relationships

When you build relationships with other thought leaders and industry experts, linking opportunities come with it. Examples include reaching out for guest post opportunities or asking other websites to help you promote some content you created. In return, you’ll promote them on your website. You each get a link, but, more importantly, you can emerge with a lasting, beneficial business relationship.

2. Become a Thought Leader or Content Creator

Another way to engage in link building is to create content that others in the industry want to link to and reference. In this way, you create original articles, blog posts, or graphics that establish you as a thought leader and innovator. As you build your clout, more people will want to link to you, and your rankings should jump higher.

Link Building

Without link building, the web wouldn’t be the web – an interconnected information highway with sites tethered together through commonalities.

Links build these connections, not to mention real business relationships. Last but not least, links help you build your clout and rise through the search engine ranks. Don’t neglect these seemingly small tools that can help you stand out.

In conclusion

Link building is horrifically important to any long range optimization strategy. However, please consider the source. All to often “link farms” damage or injure the intended goal.

And always have e2 total Solutions help with your long term strategy and optimization goals.