Selling SEOSelling SEO for the holidays?

I know it sounds a little crazy. But I heard this week that there is a Retail Store in London England that put up there Christmas Decorations and started selling Christmas trappings and trimmings this week. Are you kidding me? It is only the middle of August!

Christmas in July

At the onset, I would say that they had lost their minds, or it was a complete oddity or misnomer. Then, honestly, I went to my local Grocery Store. And they were putting out a very nice and seasonally accurate selection of ceramic Halloween pumpkins. OMG, it is only the middle of August.

Have we lost our minds? I think not; many retail operations make 80 & 90% of their annual income during the holidays. It is no wonder that they would want to expand the season, both longer and extends the profitability into as many months as possible.

Selling SEO all Season

Shortly before my visit to the grocery store, I had been meeting with one of my clients. The conversation was obviously about selling so, all Insuranceseason long. So if I stand back and reflect on my spiel. I preach selling SEO all season, and in fact all year long.

Let me be clearer; my client is a large, local owned privately held Insurance Company. We have been preparing the site to handle the large influx of new clients and customers we are expecting during the seasonal sign up for Obamacare 2019. This time frame will be November 1st through December 15th, 2019. In effect, I have been selling so for months.

So, it would be cynical to call the London store crazy for selling their wears so early in the season. I have been a proponent of calling for preparation for many years. I am referring back as recently as this spring. When I wrote a blog called “Is Your Site Summer Ready.

To truly know your site is ready, you must be selling SEO all season long. Preparing for the next big event. Selling SEO and preparing your SEO during the slow times, helps strengthen and prepare your site for the lean times.

In Conclusion

gearsTo work on your SEO all season is practical, logical and pragmatic. To work on selling SEO all season long is both practical, logical and pragmatic.

Proper SEO is never done instantly. It is a slow, deliberate, time-consuming, developmental process, which requires forethought and a true understanding with a clear objective. Knowledge of how Google sees the world, and with an understanding of the intention of your site.

So always have e2 Total Solutions help with Selling SEO and preparing your sites for Christmas… now.