Site Summer ReadySite Summer Ready – Making your Site Summer Ready is both fun and important. I can’t believe how busy I have suddenly become. Business is booming, but beyond that the I have been going crazy attending summertime activities. Street festivals, Arts festivals, Food functions, Meetings about the newly conceived inland port authority, and yes, I serendipitously ended up at a “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” Buddust chanting at the library. But that is another story.

Summer Time

My thoughts all to often turn to business and the internet. I happen to have a client that’s company runs Food Trucks. When I say runs food trucks a better description would be scheduled food trucks. His whole business model is about scheduling the right truck for the right event. For example, you wouldn’t schedule a Mexican food truck for a Greek Festival, or it would just be silly to Schule a sushi truck for a Cinco de Mayo event. I’m sure you see what I mean.summer fun

Site Summer Ready

I have been working with him to help get all of his client’s sites Summer Ready. I know you are thinking, it is a bit late to be thinking about your website. Right now, in the middle of the busy season? However, I am of the belief, and great business practices and history proves, now may be the best time ever to get your site ready.

How Do You Make Money?

I can’t tell you how many events and activities are going on around here. I live in the greater Salt Lake City area. There is an event somewhere almost every day. But I wonder if all of these businessmen have their sites summer ready.

We need to clarify here. At most trucks or festivals they have a square or some mechanism to take money or process a credit card. The quickest and most obvious answer is to make sure you are not overcharged for your credit card processing. I believe you can get it under 2% or better.

Site Summer ReadyWhen I say Site Summer Ready, I’m talking about after the festival sale. If you are an artist selling artwork worth thousands of dollars. You will sell very little at a festival, block party, or show. What you will see is that you gain exposure, and following, then the visitor will find your site afterward.

It will be days or weeks after the show; inevitably someone will stop by or pop in. And say “hey I saw you at the show, or evert” Then you can make the sale or close the deal. But you must make your Site Summer Ready!

In Conclusion

Having a site summer ready is much bigger, and more important that you might think. If you and your products are interesting and compelling. The credibility you have by being summer ready is priceless.summer yoga

Moreover, always have e2-Total Solutions help you maintain a site, that is “site summer ready!”s