Your SEO

Your SEO – Search engine optimization should act as a weed. For most of you that know me and follow this blog regularly. I bought a new house last October. When I say a new house, it is three years old. It is in a great rural area, and the yard was previously established. I will miss the woods, but for many reasons, we needed to be closer to the city. However, I am currently overrun with weeds.

Weeds, weeds & more weeds

Last October the lawn looked perfect, and the flower beds and gardens were well manicured and in beautiful shape. One of the selling points of the house was it have raised box garden at the far end of the yard, including a beautiful trellis covered in hops, which I plan to continue to cultivate.

DandelionsYesterday, when I was on my hands as knees pulling weeds out of the flower beds and garden area. An epiphany struck me that weeds should be like your SEO or your search engine optimization. I am not necessarily complaining; there is a sick sort of satisfaction for looking back at a newly cleared (de-weeded) garden or flower bed.

Analogous to looking back at your web site, when your SEO is well done. As far as a poignant analogy goes. I have hired a very reputable lawn care company (Millscape Utah) To handle the weekly maintenance for my lawn, yard, and sprinklers, etc. As far as the details of the planting planning of every plant, or pulling of every week, I am in charge.

Your SEO

vegiesWe must also be in charge and take every step to control your SEO. Quality SEO does not just happen. It requires a well thought out plan of attack. Experimentation or AB testing. You must determine which weeds will be pulled and discarded. Which plants grow best in the sun, or shade. When managing your garden like you manage excellence and perseverance in your garden. Treat weed accordingly and pull out the noxious weed, and keep only the beautiful (profitable) flowers and vegetables.

In Conclusion

Your SEO, like your yard or garden, requires care. I know that you will get out of it, what you put into it. True both of your SEO and a weed-free yard, garden or flowerbeds. There are no real shortcuts to either. If you are diligent and have a plan, then work the plan you will have beautiful flowers and vegetables to eat this fall. Not managing your garden, you may be going hungry.

If you find yourself in need, and you are going to the farmers market for vegetables. And your SEO needs help, or attention do not hesitate to call e2 Total Solutions for a full consultation.  When you plant good seeds, you will get good plants. If you plant great seeds and maintain them properly, you will get great plants! Make your SEO great too!