What is SEOWhat is SEO? – A better question is “what is good SEO” I tend to attend a lot of networking, socializing and other business-related events. I am continually amazed when two things are said. First, when someone says… “Oh, you do SEO… what exactly is that”? Or my personal favorite “What do you do? SEO,  Oh yeah well my company does that too.

Out of my skin

If you want to see me come out of my skin, the say “Oh yeah we do that too” O my god, you don’t just do “that too” Let me back up a bit. If you spend any time in the networking circles or belong to a Chamber of Commerce, you are bound to hear that sooner or later.

It usually comes from a new college graduate, at their first job in sales, or worst yet advertising sales. They are more likely to say “we do that too” I love it when that happens, because the next thing I am likely to say it “Tell me about it, what is SEO”? and more importantly how do you do it?

Fall on their faceseo

That is when both their brain and glass are empty, and they need to excuse themselves to get a refill. Maybe I am just becoming a codger in my young, old age. But it absolutely pisses me off when someone, anyone says “What is SEO” or “Oh yeah… we do that too” have you been under a rock for that last 20 years?

SEO is my chosen profession, so maybe I am a little sensitive or testy. But it is impossible to “do it too” It requires a keen understanding of the internet and many of the emerging technologies like social media. That is part of the reason I get up each day, and part of the reason I can’t sleep at night.

What is SEO

I can tell you both what it is, and what it is not. And I will tell you it is not the same for everyone. Some clients have no intention of ever wanting their site to rank highly in the search engines. Others almost demand it. I recently had a client that only wanted to rank on the social media sites. I can tell you social media marketing or optimization is a completely different game. Imagine having to be concerned with who you like, and who they follow or receive their news feeds? The width and breadth of that puzzle just became very very large.

In Conclusion

Great SEOWhat is SEO, or what is good SEO is actually very personal and individual? Based mostly on a corporation’s, businesses, or an individual’s personality. Some of us want and need it at a high level, and some almost none at all. I recently told a potential client, forget SEO and build a Snap Chat following. In reality, they had no real need to know what SEO was. They needed snap chat followers.

I can tell you what good SEO looks like, and what it does not. If you say to me either “Oh Yeah, we do that too” or “What is SEO” you are likely to get an earful!

Moreover, always have e2-Total Solutions help you understand what good SEO is.