Crane HookWebhooks – For some reason, when I hear the term “Hook,” my mind returns magically to the whimsical days of the scary Captain Hook and pirates. Today’s blog is more specifically about Webhooks. However, that does not exclude pirates and how they may be using webhooks to manipulate you or your responses on a web site. Still, none of this should be confused with right hooks, golf hooks, crane hooks or good old fishing hooks.


Application programming interfaces have been around for a long time. Without wandering too far off-topic. These are a subset of programming tools that allow a programmer uses to allow communication from one part of a website to another. For example, you might want a specific function of a website, to communicate with the sites database or site library.

An excellent example of an API that we are all familiar with is an email account. When you click on your email, there is a rule or protocol, that says “go fetch” all of your new emails. The operative word is “fetch.” With an API, there is a command that is required to cause the action to take place.

What is a WebhookMuhammad Ali

Well, webhooks are a little different than an API. When a “webhook” is active, there is no protocol that makes a command to take action. The operative word with a webhook is automation. Alternatively, in other words, things will happen automatically when the hook is activated. Webhooks allow one program to “automatically” communicate with another program, platform, or application.

A great example is when your accounting system notifies you that a client has paid their bill. More directly when QuickBooks, spontaneously sends you an email notifying you monies have been deposited added to your account.

Not a Programmer

I am not a programmer. I read a little code or Html, and know my way around the web. However, I do not code. I have top-notch programmers e2 Total Solutions works closely with. They are much more knowledgeable than I, and I rarely give them all of the credit they deserve. However, I will out one name, Jason Robie with Mad Cow Web, he is one of the best, and a programmer and developer I work closely with.

Golf HookHe has just written and launched another new Webhook plugin. Written specifically for WordPress, and more uniquely for the Beaver Builder theme, it is called Hooky Beaver.  You can download it free for a limited time at after that will cost you something.

In Conclusion

I have no idea how many hours it took him to write this webhook. However, I am sure more thought than any of us will ever know. Moreover, it will exhibit itself in the results, including ease of use, simplicity to deploy with frequent Webhook updates. Much more than us users we will ever need.


Jason the programmer, or Captain “Hooky Beaver”

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