Web Site MaintenanceWeb Site Maintenance is a simple fact of life. We all got’em, so we all need to maintain’em. Still, there are appropriate times to do this. The featured image, (next) was taken from a prominent national web site on Sunday morning at 10:00 am (in their time zone)

Why would they do that?

Granted it was Sunday, but this is a major corporation. Why the hell wouldn’t they do it in the middle of the night? I happen to know it was not an emergency. So why would they choose a time of day that possibly offends so many users? I don’t know; I can’t speak for their management. However, in my opinion, it is the wrong time of the day.

Anything that risks offending the user is dangerous. Web Site Maintenance is a decision, not a crisis. That decision should be made to keep the site up and available to all users. Possibly, requiring a little less sleep for a few technicians. Or if you are the dreaded micromanager, then you deserve a few sleepless night for yourself.


It is the responsibility of all internet managers, and to calculate web site maintenance times that affect the fewest number of users at any given time. That is not a hard time to calculate. For goodness sake view  your own analytics to see the busiest times.

A few examples

The graphics below explain my point. Web Site Maintenance should always take place at off-peak times. Every business is different. You need to analyze then make right decisions based on your traffic and client’s needs or wants.

In conclusion

Web Site Maintenance is both a curse and a blessing. We all need to do it, but please make right decisions and perform all web site maintenance at appropriate times of the day. There are a lot of traffic and users that could be offended. So please make every effort to keep your clients and traffic happy with both content, relevancy and never finding the site down.

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