video seoVideo SEO or Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in many forms. Frequently I speak and teach classes on the subject. I train and educate clients and the occasional wan-a-bee on the topic. Still, I find it unusual how poorly it is often done. There are many rules, I don’t make them up, I don’t like some of them, but in the end, I have to live by them. Most often just to satisfy Google.

Make it Compelling

I think I’m pretty interesting. However, this just happened. I was sitting on the couch having a conversation with my wife; the Olympics were playing in the background. Her phone beeped, and I realized we were not having a conversation any longer. Someone had sent her a video about “kittens,” then then next was about “men trying to knit. “ I had lost her, in the middle of a conversation. Apparently I’m not as compelling as I thought. You must make your video seo compelling, captivating and interesting. When I did a search for the most viewed You Tube video ever, I was surprised at the number of entertainment videos. In fact 9 of the top 10 were Music related. The list looks like this:


The forms of Video optimization are instinctively known to most of us. YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo are the most popular, but consider Instagram or Podcasting as some additional resources. Both Kiss Metrics and Yoast rank video SEO and embedded rich snippets as profoundly important SEO tools. Alone video as a resource is so compelling; it has the ability to conveying thoughts, feelings, emotions, political views almost without any spoken words.

Take a look at this and see if you are suddenly happy:

The benefits of video SEO seem obvious. However there are many unseen benefits, and videoadvantages that on the face do not appear as transparent. Client loyalty and recognition seem to jump to the top of mind. But consider links building, increased conversion or sales as other advantages. Some rules you should master and learn to follow include:

1- Design for Mobile –  There is a trend toward mobile, both in web design and delivery. Plan on your video set to be seen on mobile devices

2- Make it Witty – videos should be compelling, both in content and character. Humor or sharpness of message can be captivating

video screen3- Sound Off– Design with the sound off, this may seem counterproductive. But video set is a visual medium.  You must maintain attention without sound

4- Think of Mini– All video SEO is nothing more than a mini blog. Think of it as such, in essence, a little story, with a beginning, and body, and an ending

5- Express Emotions– You only have a second to catch the viewers’ attention, slap them in the face with something visual that conveys your message

6-Url’s- Don’t forget the fundamentals, like your URL or website. It would also be nice to let them know what you are expecting ie. a purchase, or conversion of some type

7-Always back to Basics- The devil is continuously in the details, hash tags, rich reel videosnippets, keywords, key phrases should be included in the copy and as applied keywords in the text and meta-descriptions

Video SEO

It can appear tricky at first, but I assure you that in the end, once you have mastered the skills. You and your site will benefit from its application. Then you will see a natural progression in sales or conversion, and followers, and return visitors.

In Conclusion

The video is here to stay, and Video SEO will continue to be a dominant force. I don’t have to tell anyone that YouTube is owned by Google. And is by its own rights a stand-alone search engine. Therefore it only makes sense that we as professionals will master its many intricacies.

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