Structured ContentStructured Content is the topic for this final installment in this five-part series on Search Engine Optimization. It is not accidental that this is the last episode of the five. I saved it for last because it brings everything to a conclusion. Structured content is a core principle of all quality SEO. Always remember there are many choices or places to stop or get off the train. Make yours compelling with appropriate use of Structured Content.

Tips for Structured Content

There are four tips we will discuss when considering organizing your content. These will all be from the end users’ point of view. However, the premise remains the same, whether considering a spider’s point of view or the consumer of your content.organizeorganized


The organization is the most critical component for your content and sites meta-data. It has to be easily understood for the consumer, and the search engines. If it is not you must rethink the purpose. I mean the overall reasoning for creating, writing or programming the subject matter.


First – Consider the Cross-Platform use of today’s content. We are living in an ever-increasing use of multiple channel distribution for all of our content and media. Use the KISS rule, so it is consumable across all channels.

Second – Keep all Structured Content easy to monetize. Not all of your site’s data is designed to sell. However, if it is not easy to navigate the site, it will be impossible to market or sell anything.

Third – Make all content for the viewer’s benefit. Do not be selfish or self-centered with generating content; always consider readability. Think of your viewer’s benefit for even visiting your site. Always think of it from the consumer’s point of view.

Fourth – Become adaptive. The use of structured content is for the viewers. If the consumer is migrating from one platform to another, make all of your content, and you approach adaptive. This approach will always keep you ahead of the competition.

In Conclusion

This particular series on Search Engine Optimization and beneficial practices has been a pleasure to write. I have ended it with the simple practice of the organization, or Structured Content. If your site is too complex to understand for either the consumers or the search engine’s you have simply failed. So always “keep it simple stupid” is the best practice.

And if you ever find yourself in need of a better approach or another point of view, please feel free to give e2 Total Solutions a call. We always provide complimentary consultations.

Stay orgainzed