Staying on Top of your SEOStaying on top It is prime Rodeo Season where I live. You know what I mean, ribs & rodeo, buckaroo festivals, shit kicking and all the beer, blood and broken bones anyone can stand to watch. Well, as happens all too often, I’m sitting in the crowd, and my mind wanders off, to the internet. Staying on top of a bronco, or bull seams easy, compared to staying on top of your SEO.

It is Everything

When I say “its everything,” I do not necessarily mean it is the most important thing. I meant to say it is a collective effort of everything you do. In Google’s world, no effort goes unpunished, or un-rewarded depending on what and how you do it.

I know “un-rewarded” is a difficult way to think of SEO. Staying on top of a bucking bull is rewarding in its self. But, just like the bull rider, you will be un-rewarded when you hit the ground, and if you are lucky, they bull does not stomp on your head or leg. You know when you get on the bull, you are going to eventually hit the ground. It is only a matter of how soon, can you staying on top for eight seconds or just two.

Staying on topbuckaroo

The Bull does not care about you hitting the ground. It just wants you off its back. Google does not care if you hit the ground. Google want to un-punish the right site, for doing the right things. And as I stated before, it is not just one thing.

Very much like the bull rider, you must do many things quickly, and at the same time. Google expects you to do many things at the same time if you expect to staying on top.

Manage your site properly, content, meta-data, site, and topic-centric keywords, evergreen content. Then social media is a different animal altogether, velocity, news feeds, followers and following. Link building is tricky too, quality sites giving and receiving quality links.

In Conclusion

lone horseIf we all wear white hats. Then display the aptitude and attitude of a bull rider. Accomplishing many tasks at the same time, with skill and agility. Then you might stay on top of the SEO game for eight seconds. But just like the bull, everyone is trying to buck you off the top. And just like the rider, you will eventually hit the ground.

Staying on top of your SEO, always have e2 Total Solutions guide you through the muddy, bloody mess we call the web.