shopping botsShopping Bots ~ You might have started your Black Friday shopping early. But recently Walmart’s Shopping Bots were shut down. I’m guessing most of you are saying Walmart, Shopping bots what? or more dramatically WTF are you talking about. Well, it is not common knowledge, but  all large retailers like Walmart, shop for competitive pricing with automated with robots, or commonly known as Shopping  Bots.

Shopping Bots Shut Down

That right, all large retailers shop each other. In the highly competitive world, we live in; retail stores shop each other. In a time where a $0.50 cents can make a huge difference, of either making the sale or losing the deal. All major retails use shopping bots to measure and cost check the competition. Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Walgreens, Tesco and yes even Amazon all use shopping bots against each other.

When I said Walmart was shut down, a more accurate term would be blocked, or locked out. Amazon shut down Walmart’s shopping bots algorithm that was continually hitting the Amazon’s servers. When you think about it, they (Amazon) should be blocking any shopping bots that frequently hit their servers, taxing the system, and consuming both bandwidth and system resources. And scour their site to beat or compete on pricing.shpping bots eye

Shopping Bots Competition

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. It has overcome both Walmart and Apple. Their model is simple and effective. Amazon has 80 million users that pay $99 dollars annually just  for “Prime” membership. It is estimated that 70% of all Christmas shopping will take place online. No wonder significant retailers like Sear’s, Macey’s, and powerhouses like Nordstrom’s are scared and running for cover, shutting down stores. For them to compete in a digital age, they too must understand the Amazon model.

Shopping bots are the last of their worries; they need to grasp the loyalty concept of Amazon. Over 75% of Millennials have shopped or purchased online in the previous couple of months. Most of those purchase on Amazon. The appropriate use of shopping bots keeps Amazon on top price wise and then throw in free delivery with a “paid” prime service, which includes returns, selection, etc. Amazon is formidable and challenging to beat.

In Conclusion

Shopping bots Shopping Bots like it or not are affecting all of our shopping habits. Amazon clearly understands us, and relentlessly purse’s us, and our shopping dollars. This is a bold statement, but I believe all other retailers must get their brains around these concepts, to capture our Christmas and shopping dollars.

Loyalty, speed, access, variety, execution, delivery are a few of Amazon’s qualities. They are always improving the client’s experience. Making delivery via drones a reality, investigating pharmaceuticals, exploring made for TV movies. If I were one of the Retailers mentioned above or Netflix, CVS, and others. I would be scared too. I would use Shopping Bots to learn not only their pricing strategy but all that I could learn about them, their business strategies, and any future plans.

And always remember to have help you with any of your shopping bots problems, and high-level delivery or execution issues.