SEO Specialist

SEO Specialists or Link Builder – Being an SEO Specialist and Link Builder is a lot like building a house. As happens all too often this blog reflects my own life. I have found myself in the position of either buying an existing home or building a new house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

An SEO Specialist

Being an SEO specialist is like buying an existing home. There are so many things to consider. Is there enough room to grow and expand into any new needs? It is just like an SEO specialist, thought process, does the SEO allow enough room to grow or meet expanding or cultivating new growth and needs?

That is just one of many considerations. Is there a solid foundation? Does your SEO have a solid foundation? Is the heating and cooling SEOsystem adequate? Are you so efforts to hot or to cool? And can it grow with your changing needs? What about the wall? Does your Seo Specialist build walls or barriers? Stopping the SEO from taking a full effect.

I strongly suggest getting a though inspections and appraisal before any transactions take place.

A Link Builder

Being a Link Builder is different than being an SEO Specialist. It is a little more like being a contractor than a realtor. While an inspector looks for problems like a weak or leaking foundation. I Builder is responsible for building a strong foundation. Installing an appropriate heating and cooling system. A watertight roof, with windows and doors that might be tinted to stop harmful UV rays from discoloring your carpets.

Social MediaThere are so many crisscrossed metaphors I can hardly contain myself. An SEO Specialist vs. a Link Builder. In the end, are you a Realtor or a Contractor. You must decide which you are, then pursue it with vigor. The contractor builds the SEO, while a realtor sells the SEO. Which is it your company provides? Are you the SEO specialist or the Builder?

In Conclusion

I was at a business building function recently. After a brief conversation with a competitor, he turned to me as asked “do you white label you services” The answer is a resounding yes. e2 Total Solutions has been around, well almost longer than I care to mention. We are SEO Specialists.

We have watched the buildings be built, then torn down. Only to be replaced with a new process. We saw the beginning of SEO, evolve to what it is today. A mad combination of Social Media, Link Building, and yes even Architecture (forgive another metaphor)links

So decide which you are, an SEO Specialist or a builder. Then become the best you can be. Even to the point of having your competition want to sell you.

And always have e2 Total Solutions help with building a great house of SEO.