SEO SpecialistSEO Specialist – It seems to me as I move around the country and even my own local state of Utah. Moreover, more specifically Salt Lake City and Park City areas I run into many people at business and networking events that say “SEO” yea we do that too. Well, that just makes me mad, you cannot just be an SEO Specialist or do SEO too.

What We Do

The term SEO is by nature vague and ambiguous; I think that for most people is intentional. Meaning that they want a lot of mystery and mist eke surrounding what we do. Well, quite simply we are here to improve your search engine ranking. Rank higher in all search engines, and honestly improve your sales and bottom line.Searching

I recently took over the website of a large local area Chamber of Commerce. I successfully made that pitch that we are not just highly qualified developers, designers, programmers but are also SEO Specialist.

During one of the many conversations, I had with their senior staff. I found myself describing my passion for numbers. Moreover, the English language, how early on, as an adopter of the internet I instinctively knew that words would be horrifically important. Today that has proven itself in some many ways think how much time we spend churning our wheels doing just Keyword Research. Or how many late nights I spent mulling over Google analytics, or Urchin reports, then comparing link strategies for clients. I can assure you far more than anyone would suspect.

SEO Specialist

SEO SpecialistSEO SpecialistThe SEO Specialist self-image I have of myself and my staff was driven home when I began writing this blog. Searching for images is just one of many things that will send this SEO Specialist down the rabbit hole. Only to find an hour or two has disappeared. This was not the case today. All of the images I used today were very easy to find, and they spoke to me in an impactful way.

An SEO specialist loves to do research, and compare numbers, look for trends. Meanwhile striving to stay ahead of the competition and the ever-changing Google algorithms. That’s right an SEO Specialist is a research aficionado.

Look at every image I used today; they are all individuals or groups hanging around, or staring at a computer screen. I used search terms like SEO Specialist, Impossible SEO, and even Super SEO. Moreover, all these images spoke to me. It is me; it is what I am passionate about, I love what I do. I am an SEO Specialist, a devotee, that loves numbers and data as much or in some cases more than people.

In Conclusion

seoseoAs mentioned during one of these high-level meetings with the chamber. I heard myself explaining how I was passionate about staying up late at night and crunching the numbers, facts, and searching for an edge, or in over the competition. Just what a true SEO Specialist would say.

It is so much more to me, to actually be a Specialist than a bubbly little girl would say “O ya we do SEO too.”


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