SEO ReportSEO Report Writing – We all need to write them, we all hate doing it. But it is a must in our chosen SEO industry. SEO report writing is a necessary evil. I guarantee you, if you do not deliver timely, relevant data to your clients, I can steal them. That is to say that you are vulnerable, to having someone steal your clients.

Learn to Enjoy

If you will only learn to enjoy the process, it won’t be nearly as painful. Ironically, I get a charge out of the numbers. In fact, I may enjoy them too much. I find it to be personally gratifying when pulling the monthly SEO report. Writing the monthly SEO report is not as difficult as it once was. Today, there are so many options for SEO automation and reporting.

Structurestructured writing

Every month I pull reports on all of our clients. The basics are always the same: Ranking, Google (or some other) Analytics, and Links. Not all reports look the same, they must show the client or end user what is valuable. Some client’s personalities require tons of raw data. Others may want only a 10,000-foot overview. While others may want to know what on earth it all means? In the case of the latter, you must spend time, sharing your insights and industry knowledge. While in the case of the first (the raw data guy) you might as well just email it to him. After you handed it off to him, his eyes glass over and he won’t hear a word you are saying until he digests his data.

SEO Report and Honesty

Above all, please be honest! Sharing fully manipulated data is a very poor business practice, and well dishonest. The data is the data! Tell them straight up what is going on and what you see, if there is room for improvement… it might be a revenue-generating event for you or you company.

Report writingWhen I first started out, I thought I will pull an SEO Report for every client every month, on the first of each month.  What that meant, and turned into was a frenzied, frantic me every month. Then I had to work OT just to deliver them all. Today, I spread them out over the month. I am far more relaxed and far less stressed. As long as you are consistent, I have found the clients aren’t all that particular. When you have a client meeting, set the next meeting when you are wrapping up. Ask them for more business “is there anything else we can or should be doing for you” that is salesman 101.

Customization & Consistency

With so much data at our fingertips: Google Analytics, Internet Business Promoter, Rank Tracker, Majestic, Pipe Drive, Insightly or ZoHo. And those are just data collecting tools. I haven’t even really gone into CRM’s or anything else we and our sales forces may use or want to use each month.

With all of the tools, customize the report for each client. Give them what they want to see, and what is important to them or their business model. As mentioned previously, be consistent. Consistent in the way the report represents data, consistent in the way the SEO report show graphics, consistent in the monthly timing.

In Conclusionscissors

Writing an SEO Report should be a part of your job you enjoy. If it is not I strongly recommend you switch professions. Remember a couple of things: 1) Have some structure to the data 2) Be honest, the data is the data 3) Be consistent, in formate, graphics, data type and monthly timing. These simple rules will help make SEO report writing a pleasure.

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