ConfusedSEO Puzzle – Recently, I was watching a Facebook feed from Connect Utah. A question was posed by Jennie Stone Carlson, to this private and intimate group of about 9,000 business people in Utah. The problem was…“Who are experts in logo, website design, social media congruency, branding, etc.”  I watched this feed for a while, then could not contain myself any longer. If you are confused by the complexities of this puzzle, you must read on!

SEO is a Puzzle

Most of the people responding were exactly as you would have expected. “Here is a website I designed,” and so forth. A few branding companies also threw their hat into the ring. Mostly they were small business hoping to acquire a new client. Alternatively, show off their wears.
complex Puzzle
After a while, I had to pipe up and explain they were all asking the wrong question. No offense to anyone that responded, or asked the original question. However, while they were all busy offering designs or logos, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What was the purpose” of the website?

To solve the SEO puzzle, you need to know the intent or purpose of the website and web presence, which includes social media, branding, and more. For this blog, we are referring to the site, yet be aware there are many additional concerns, to complete any real “marketing objectives.”

SEO Puzzle Solutions

There are many websites that are merely for self-indulgence purposes. Meaning, there will never rank, or acquire followers or traffic, without providing a URL. Others are for business, but only a brochure type website used almost exclusively for brand awareness and product exposure. Many of these link to suppliers or more extensive manufactures. Finally, many are for e-commerce. These are somewhat dependent on ranking, traffic, volume, and or quality of consumers.

moving puzzleOnce you understand the intent of the website, you can begin to create solutions. At e2 Total Solutions, we do not produce your reasons, but we solve the SEO Puzzle. At the writing of this blog, there were 1,706,608,587 websites worldwide. Also, growing at a rate of about one every second. Incidentally, there were 84,954 hacked just today.

In Conclusion

There are almost as many personal reasons for a site as there are websites. However, for business, they’re many more monetarily legitimate reasons to build a site that solves the SEO puzzle and ranks for services or products.

The SEO puzzle is a complex web of solutions, ranging from keywords, linking, meta-data descriptions, title’s, H-tags, copywriting, and the list goes on. Throw in a little social media and the SEO puzzle is compounded with followers, following, likes, liking, sharing platforms, demographics, etc. The Social Media Puzzle is clearly compounding the traditional SEO puzzle.

If you need help understanding your “Why,” e2 Total Solutions is glad to help begin the conversation. When you need to know the “How,” e2 is always here to begin putting all of the pieces of your SEO puzzle together.