SEO Link BuildingVote for SEO Link Building – That right its time to Vote for SEO Link Building again. Your right that is a mouthful. However, think about it, every time you search, some site will magically float to the top of any Google search. It’s not their fault; they have to display something in every search. However, why does your site deserve to be at the top of the pile? Maybe it because you received the most votes?
You have the ability to swing the vote, in favor of your site… Think about that for a minute.

Just Vote

Vote SEO Link Building might just be the answer. Think about it for a moment. Every time you make an effort to create an SEO Link VoteBuilding, you have just voted for that site. That is right; an SEO link is the same a creating a silent vote for that site.

The reasons we build SEO Links are many. Sometimes you like the content, sometimes you may enjoy the imagery, or hopefully, the site may have something really relevant to say. In today’s world often it is emotional or compelling on some other level. However, SEO Link Building is nothing more than a vote for that site.

Deep SEO Link Building

SEO Link BuildingWhen Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the concept of Google, a lot of the original algorithm was primarily based on SEO Link Building. When you think about it, there was some genius behind their thinking. The only algorithm that was of any use at the time it was based on popularity. If you were popular, and many people searched and found you (clicked on you). Then it would help if you were famous, so we should show you more often.

That is not a valid search criterion. Google disrupted the search world by initially using links as a Vote in not only popularity but a Vote for SEO Link Building. It is simplicity in thought if you or your site cares enough to build an SEO Link to another site.  Then that site must have something important to say or is being said. In short, it is a Vote for SEO Link Building.SEO Votes

Be aware there are many types of links, Re-Directs, Text Links, both Images and Frames can have SEO Link Building attached. As always, please keep your SEO efforts balanced. Not all SEO links should be from the same place. And not all SEO links should be the same type. Moreover, by all means, make sure they come from a real site, with relevant copy or text. Not from a blank page! I have seen deceitful links from an under construction page before.

In Conclusion

Your right it is a voting season, next week we get to vote again. I have already cast my vote, by voting with an early ballot. I don’t really care all that much about whom you vote for. However, I will tell you, if you don’t vote, you just canceled your right to bitch about anything!

So get out and Vote. Moreover, vote for SEO Link Building by linking to sites, that are relevant to you or your cause. Use SEO Link Building as a tool to improve your SEO value, and always use e2 Total Solutions to help you build a long-term and productive SEO Link Building Strategy.Vote


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