Wildfire Wildfires are dangerous, scary, fast-moving, unpredictable, and mesmerizing. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be predictable, have a schema, and also be mesmerizing. All of you that follow this blog with any regularity know that I have lived in the mountains of Utah for many years. I used to wake up at the slightest hint of smoke or smell of a fire. Ironically, I bought a new house last October, then moved a bit closer to town. Last night there was a Wild Fire, only a minute away. I sat at on my back porch and watched with extreme interest, while the flames blew over the ridge, and fire and smoke filled the night sky, it was unnerving.

SEO Characteristics

I have lived in the west most of my life. It is well known for being a wildfire country. I guess the irony of a wildfire is the speed and total devastation that is probable. The loss of property can be total and expeditious.

In opposition, unlike a loss or total devastation created by a wildfire.  Proper SEO has legs; it should last for the foreseeable future. There needs to be a method to the madness. Create a clear and concise path for the user or supporters to follow. Lead them from clear conscious and logical information to the desired outcome. That can be a purchase, phone call, or even just a follower or liking of a post.

WildfireHot Shots

The fire that I mentioned above was last evening. The entire valley assumed it was out. There was not even a hint of smoke earlier today. I am in the office writing this blog, and I just looked up and noticed it was burning again. The hot, dry winds along the ridgeline must have stirred up a hot spot.

Assumptions have no place in wildfires or SEO. There always has to be a plan. I often ask my crew, what is the plan? How would Google see it? What is the point of that comment or landing page? Always have a plan, measure, then adjust. Remeasure and adjust again. If it is not working with plan A, re-think plan A, then return to plan A
version 2.

In Conclusion

There is a wildfire burning close enough to my house, that I am concerned, for the second time in twenty-four hours. However, the “Hot Shots” wildfire team, had a plan in place. As soon as their smoke again, they were on it.

When there is smoke, there is always a fire. Your website needs a plan for both good and adverse conditions. Make a plan, work your plan.

Always call 911 if you see a fire. Always call e2 Total Solutions when you need assistance making a plan for your website and internet presence. Any all of your design, optimization, reputation management needs.


Big Hollow

Actual Big Hollow Fire 7/6/2019