SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a Mother. When I started to think about today’s SEO Blog, I couldn’t help but noticed it would also appear on Sunday, May 12, which also happened to be Mother’s Day. The similarities are boundless but consider these few issues.

Moms are Patience

Quality SEO Search Engine Optimization requires patience. Just like being a great Mother requires patience. I know because I tested my mom’s patients regularly. She was always thoughtful, and patient withers it was waiting at football practice or and the doctor’s office, casting my broken leg. Mom was the living epiphany of patience.

Please be Present

seoSearch Engine Optimization demands that you be present. Be there, be attentive, and be present. Just like being a mother, you must always be present. It is the only job in the world that requires your attention 24hours a day, seven days a week. You are a CEO and a worker bee. It demands that you be present all of the time, and pay attention to everyone’s needs, but your. And the compensation package is “nothing” or “free,” but mothers do wonderful, rewarding work and enjoy it all of the time. SEO is a mother too.

Brutally Sincerity

Superior SEO or optimization demands sincerity. Very much like your mother, you must be sincere in your SEO and all of its techniques. Earnest in approach and authentic in the purpose. Both Motherhood and SEO are demanding and demand openness and genuineness.

seoSEO and Honesty

Honesty comes naturally to mothers and motherhood. It should also be a comfortable fit into any SEO or optimization strategy. For mothers, it is easy always to speak the truth to their children. It should be just as easy for you to tell Google or any other search engine what you are thinking, and why you “deserve to rank” higher than your competition.

In Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization is hard. Being a Mother is hard. Both require immeasurable skill, talent, patience, understanding and so much more. I am glad I only have to worry about being an SEO expert, and not to be a mother. My hat is off to all moms, and I wish them all a happy Mother’s Day!

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