Hunting SeasonSEO Hunting Season – Yes that’s right, now is the perfect time for SEO Hunting. Because you follow my blog, you know that Christmas is only two months 12 days, or 10 weeks three days, or 73 days away. Christmas is well known as the most rewarding of retail holidays, with a total consumer spend of about 600 Billion dollars. Followed closely by Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother and Fathers days. Then rounding off the top five best retail holidays with Halloween with a consumer spending of about 8 Billion dollars.

Good Huntingfather and son

When I say good SEO Hunting, I’m not talking about going after Christmas sales. If you are just starting to think about that,  you have already missed that boat. In other words, that ship has already sailed. What I am referring to is SEO hunting itself. There is really no bad time to be SEO Hunting. That was pointed out to me this last week.

I was begrudgingly parleyed into attending a seminar. I spend a lot of time networking, speaking, teaching and the last way I wanted to spend last Thursday was in a seminar. However, I have to say at this moment; it was a day well spent.  It was six hours in total, but worth almost every second. We had great speakers and presenters. The topics were timeless and well received. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Thoughts Become Things

First KillScott McKinley was the first presenter. His Business TBT Coaching is passed upon the principles form the book “The law of attraction” Not too much hocus pocus, but I believe we do attract what we focus on. If you think negatively, you will attract negative things. If you are positive and think positive thoughts, you will attract the best thing. If you focus on good SEO Hunting, you will find good or even great SEO Hunting.


Total Success Marketingfamily business

Brett Lechtenberg followed with a compelling presentation on marketing. Although SEO Hunting from his perspective is different, I mean he prefers pay-per-click. He gave the audience solid information on social media marketing. He is genuine and passionate about this topic of marketing. And he has written a book or two, all while running a couple of business.

Universal Business Builders

Roger Knecht of Universal Business Builders was the host facility for the event. They have an awesome meeting room and offices, in a cool old school. Their belief was it was once a school, what better place to teach business rules, and best accounting practices. The owner of took time out of his busy schedule to share his experience improving your sales techniques and SEO Hunting methods.

businessB.A.N.K code

Sarah Larson was the rock star of the event. Formerly a lawyer, she has closed her practice to purse B.A.N.K. code full time. It is her passion, and it shows. Being a dominating speaker, she would have choked anyone into understanding. SEO Hunting runs hand in hand with her strategy and thinking. The science of speaking to the buyer’s personality makes sense, why suffer through more No’s, when the answer to getting more sales, is to simply get more Yes’s.

In ConclusionSEO Hunting

I did not start thinking this event would strengthen my resolve to do more or better SEO Hunting. However, that is my business… SEO Hunting. I am always looking for the client or site that needs my expertise or help. It is a combination of action, knowledge, being able to outline a blueprint, and just straight up nurturing that makes e2 Total Solutions loved by our clients.

Always have e2 Total Solutions help you with positive thinking, great marketing strategy, improving sales through both techniques and understating your clients. And use e2 Total Solutions for your improved SEO hunting.