SEO ExerciseSEO Exercise – Exercise and Fitness are our topics today. As happens all too often my weekly blog is a reflection of my own life, and its relevance to my chosen profession, Search Engine Optimization. Today my dog Riley, got loose. As I was chasing him down the long desolate county road that he chose to run down, my mind slipped off to SEO Exercise and Fitness, and how similar it was to chasing Riley.

Types of Exerciseexercise

This discussion gets bigger and bigger the more I think about it. There are so many facets to exercise and fitness. There are many different types of diets. There is the ketonic, the paleo, the low fat, the high fat, the vegan and the vegetarian and many, many more. That is just dealing with food and nutrition.

When I started thinking and writing about SEO exercise and fitness.  When it comes to exercise there is weight training, cardio, yoga, high impact, low impact, iron man (and woman). And all disciplines of running, jumping swimming, stretching and the list goes on and on. However, while I was running down the road chasing Riley, I was surprised how long he could keep running. For a 12-year-old dog, I thought he was in great shape. I was also a little surprised that I could keep up after him, then I began questioning my health. Which lead my mind to begin wondering about SEO Exercise and Fitness.

pull exerciseSEO Exercise

The similarities are extensive. The benefits of SEO exercise mirror life and personal fitness. When we exercise our bodies and minds and feed them and treat them properly, there is a physical benefit. When we exercise our SEO, the benefits are also similar. Feed you SEO properly with all of the right foods. Great content, solid social media with a sprinkle of appropriate link building, then you will have healthy SEO exercise.

The benefits of SEO exercise are long-lasting. There is a client that I built a site for many years ago where we did all of the SEO correctly. In essence, we did the proper SEO exercise, and through normal business growth and changes, we no longer do his SEO. However, he still ranks for many of the keywords and phrases a year later. In effect, his SEO Exercise paid off and is still paying off almost one year later.


In Conclusion

While running a 5k this morning chasing Riley, in the cold mountain air on that lonely country road, I came to realize that Exercise and Fitness run hand in hand. The more you exercise your SEO, the better shape you will be in. SEO exercise takes on many shapes and forms. Just like personal fitness and exercise take many forms. You should not only use one discipline of exercise or fitness. Mix it up; you will also enjoy it more and feel rewarded, both personally and financially.

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