Back to school

What is in your SEO BackPack – That’s right, it is time to head back to school (or your job). Now that all of the fun in the sun is over. I have started to think about what tools I need.  To talk about, to help fill your SEO Backpacks? I wish it were easy to say “0” all you need is this or that… then you will be fine. However, the real world is full of Bullies. Furthermore, just filling your backpack with a pen and paper may not be enough.

Hammer or a Wrench

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you all know by now, that I have a strong opinion. You may have over the years of writing this blog; I am flexible. It is not so much that I have discovered a new secret weapon or a magic bullet. However, the medium itself is evolving.

There was a time when I could almost definitively say “if you do this, this and that” you will find most certainly rank for that key phrase. That is clearly, no longer the case. I know many of my friend, clients, and colleagues have heard me say, “it is not just one thing you do; it is all of the things you do, that will rank your site.”

SEO Backpackcolors

Having the back to school mindset is appropriate. What tools do you need in your SEO Backpack? Today, there is a much broader mix, than was required years ago. You need to have a site, that is easily navigatable both by humans and spiders. It would be best if you had a clear and concise schema methodology. It would be best if you connected the dots with Social Media.

Moreover, do you understand the demographics of the audience you need or are looking to acquire? The consumers for each on every social media platform vary wildly. Furthermore, reviews have become increasingly heavily weighted in the Google Algrothynh. To adequately fill your SEO backpack, you need to have, and an ever-increasing number of reviews. Then to top it off, you need to interact with every review.

SEO To appropriately fill an SEO backpack, you will need to interact or respond to every review. Not just to say “hey thanks for the review,” but respond in kind with as many sentences, as they have sent you. If they took the time to send you a five-sentence review, throw them back a five-sentence response.

To top off your SEO Backpack, you need to keep in mind a full Link Building campaign. No empty content here either. Make sure your links, come from a site, with authority and rank. Not an abandoned site, with nothing relevant to say. Here also exchange of comments may be meaningful.

In Conclusion

To fill an SEO Backpack takes thought. Where once it was easy, today it is ever increasingly complex. Do not just throw something together. Have a plan, have a shopping list, make it count. The SEO Backpacks of today are overwhelmingly important, and can pay-off in so many ways.

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