Occom's RazorSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) – Marketing, in general, is competitive and tough. Then if you throw in something as complex as the internet, you have just compounded the competition and complexity by a factor of 10,000. The scientific principle is known as Occam’s Razor, states that the simplest solutions are usually the right selection. So consider the choices wisely when making decisions about SEM vs. SEO.

Shotgun Hunting

A variety of terms defines search Engine Marketing (SEM). Generally, it is considered a combination of search engine optimizationHunting (SEO) combined with pay per click advertising (PPC) to achieve an overall positive effect, or improvement of your overall search engine results page (SERP)

SEM with a Shotgun

Let me clear it up a bit; SEM search engine marketing is a lot like hunting with a shotgun. The purest in the art of firearms would disapprove of this method. The marksman, sniper or sharpshooter would strongly condemn this method.

However, it is widely deployed and, in some cases, used effectively. The sniper is keenly focused on one target. Whereas in SEM you are fishing for many targets. Or as many targets as you can reach all in one shot. SEM when deployed appropriately can yield more than the required or desired number of interactions and conversions.

The primary reason to deploy an SEM campaign is its flexibility. While using this method of marketing you have so many tools at your disposal. Pay per click has been the mainstay of googles income for almost as long as I can remember. It is grown recently with Facebook, and even Yahoo and Bing are trying to commoditize their efforts. Even purists like Pinterest have realized they are doomed as a platform unless they figure out pay-per-click.

Feel GoodThat is not all; SEM includes more than just pay-per-click. It may also use deep keyword research, HTML validation, Search engine inclusion techniques, Contextual advertising, and brand awareness, and we haven’t even started with my nemesis Social Media Marketing (SMM)


I describe my company as an Extremely High-Quality Search Engine Optimization company. It is foolish for me to think that “optimization” is the correct answer in all cases. SEM has a place in the world, as does high-quality SEO or search engine optimization. And all of the other components to SEM.

In ConclusionSEO vs SEM

Regardless of your SEM or SEO, always have e2-TS.com help you consider all of your options. Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Marketing, Site Saturation, Keywords, Research Targets, and even Social Media as weapons on your hunt for the perfect clients, and conversions. And if feels good when you win!

Ask e2 Total Solutions for help on your hunt, this hunting season.