Selling SEOSelling SEO can be difficult. Selling any internet related business or product can be challenging. I have recently come across a book about Selling. I know we have all read thousands of books, and been to a countless plethora of motivational seminars and conference meetings. In this book there is a quote:

It is not about Selling them anything; it is more important to
understand Why they Buy

Cheri Tree | CEO B.A.N.K code

Paradigm Shift

All of our lives we have been salesmen. Either wittingly or unwittingly we are all in sales. Even if you are a Batista at a local coffee shop, you sale lattes or mocha instead of coffee. Think about it for a second; you up-sell coffee. A simple beverage that could be sold for pennies a cup, you spend your day up selling coffee for $5 a cup. Not a bad margin for your employer.

BY AND SELL We are in sales, Selling SEO is not all that different. We sell our knowledge, information that the normal individual or business owner does not possess. We have invested time and educated ourselves, either formally, or through a vast amount of experience. And we sell SEO by sharing our knowledge and expertise for a price. Some highly, some affordable, and some cheaply. However, in buying SEO, it is my experience you get what you pay for.

Selling SEO

sellingThe sales cycle is being interrupted by Cheri Tree with her new book. It is clearly a technological breakthrough, and industry disruptor to focus on the Why They Buy, instead of How do I sell? Let’s face it, all of our career’s we have been told, to get more Yes’s, you need to make more presentations. Meaning you are just asking for more No’s, it is a numbers game…Right?

Wrong, to get more yes’s, you need to get more yes’s! Selling SEO suddenly becomes clearer than ever. I have long been a proponent of my pricing structure. It is Ala Carte, meaning you only pay for what you get. However, what if I only sold to their knowledge base? Again, it would be a tough Selling SEO that way. I just discovered I must education business as well as being a salesman.

Then selling to the appropriate personality (see Cheri’s book) it now becomes a slam dunk. A winner for the buyer, ans a winner for the salesman or woman.

In Conclusion

I want all of you to know; I have closed 10 out of 10 consecutive sales, using Cheri Tree’s methodology of “WHY THEY BUY” Today, to me Selling SEO is more about understanding the “buyology” of the client or decision maker. Not Selling them, but simply understanding why they buy.

SELLI will obviously speak more about understanding the reasons someone buys anything in the future. But for now, if you want to understand more about why you buy, go to < >

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