Saving LightLast year at Daylight Savings time I wrote a blog called “ Saving Light ” March 12th, 2017 This year Daylight Savings begins on the March 11th I knew it seems earlier this year, Either way I am a student of light. I do not know why I am drawn to it the way I am, but it expresses itself to me in many ways.

Daylight Savings

Last year I spent a lot of the blog discussing its “dictionary” meaning. In this last year, I attended a total eclipse of the sun. As with most monumental life experiences, I blogged about that too “The Day Customer Service Died” Aug 28th, 2017

Saving Light can take on many meanings. In this blog, I wanted to review light from a more enlightened perspective.  This last year I have lost several friends, and some friends I did not even know I cared for. (Pray for Matt Cutts wife) Moreover, I cannot help but wonder what, they know today, which I do not, Looking at the human condition, from the other side?Light Bulb

Last Year

Saving light, or saving time in a bottle has proven to be futile. We can only make good use of the time we have. Kindness, Empathy, Caring, and Peace are words that immediately come to mind. In a time where 18-year-old shoot up a school or a PTSD inflame Vet kills his doctors. We must make good use of the time we have and work at saving light.

Enlightened Saving Light

If I had to describe my belief, I would say I am more Buddhist than anything else. I feel enlightened when I observe an eclipse. I feel enlightened with I watch a sunrise or sunset. I feel at peace with myself and the world when I meditate. I worry about Spector and Data Breaches.  I lose sleep over Shit Hole SEO, and how Google might perceive our actions. I am sad at the loss of a friend or a philanthropist like Jon Huntsman. However, the world continues to turn.

AloneIn conclusion

When I look back at my blog Saving Light from a year ago, its meaning is the same. However, I feel enlightened with more power and new knowledge. Science has proven as a race our IQ is getting better. Moreover, light and time seem to be moving faster. I hope we all take today to observe saving light as a gift. Slow it down a bit, and live in the moment. Enjoy the time and light we have, it will not last forever, and I will wonder what you know on that day, that I do not know today.

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