ThanksgivingPut the Phone Down – Thanksgiving is a time we should all connect. In my home as a child, Thanksgiving meant hitting the slopes as early as possible. My brothers and I had the skis waxed and readied night before. We skied first then made it home to break bread with Mom and Dad. I connected with my brothers, then also satisfied my mother’s need to connect with the whole family.


I both love and hate the holidays. Inevitably this time of year we are forced to spend time, we choose not to spend time with during the rest of the year. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays for me is the time of retrospect. Thanksgiving even more than New Years, I tend to look backward at the year. Then plan how best to move forward.Turkey

In the circles I travel, most think of me as high energy, high impact, extraordinary sells man and business owner. At Thanksgiving, I tend to look inside and consider more interpersonal issues. Was I fair enough, did I do enough, did I give enough? During Thanksgiving, did I truly connect with others and make a difference. I would like to see all of us consider these issues.


ParadeThanksgiving dinner is a time for all of us to consider the hard work and all that
you accomplished in the last yearindian or planting season. Maybe that is why I feel so reflective and nostalgic during the season. I hope all of you consider the past season and then contemplate the coming. Give thanks for all that you have. Moreover, all that you plan to accomplish in the coming year.

We will all watch the parade, then football. During dinner, we will all gorge ourselves for Thanksgiving. Drink too much, overeat, party too much but consider all that you are, or have. Then find the others that do not have as much as you. Maybe through no fault of their own, do not have as much, but have needs that exceed our most uncomplicated pleasure and indulgences.

In Conclusion

At Thanksgiving put down the phone. Connect with your close friends or family (maybe both). However, use the time to strengthen your relationships. Perhaps you will ski, maybe play or watch football. Alternatively, we strongly urge you to consider hoes less fortunate than you and your family, feed the homeless.

e2 Total Solutions wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving. Use the time to consider all that is good, and right. Then find what little things you can do (like putting down the phone) and really connect with those you choose to spend your time with. Happy Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks

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