Google ToolsI spend most of my waking hours, at least when I am at work, wondering what Google thinks about things. Or in other words, how Google sees the world or more importantly, what I am working on. I am giving a presentation on Google later this week. So, my thoughts and research about the topic of Google have heightened recently. Autocomplete comes to mind when considering Google tool bag, by completing your thoughts or sentences for you, at that point, they will control exactly what you will see.


If you search Google for “How Google Search Works” undoubtedly, you will end up at a page called “” that is the short answer. A slightly more in-depth look goes into the algorithm blah blahs.

Google uses automated programs called spiders or crawlers, just like most search engines, to help generate its search results. Google has an extensive index of keywords that help determine search results. …Google uses a trademarked algorithm called PageRank, which assigns each Web page a relevancy score.

I often talk about “indexes,” “ranking,” and “keywords” with my clients. We need to be concerned with them on many levels, but most importantly, we need to tell Google what the point of the site, page, or post is all about. Unfortunately, you must be able to convey this via content, images, and yes keywords, understandable to a spider, bot, or artificial intelligence (AI).


The politics of Google seems to be reasonably clear. Most tech companies tend to lean a little to the left, which is neither good nor bad. If fact it seems most uber-successful business owners. People like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elion Musk, and yes Larry Page and Sergey Brin all tend to allow their companies to follow their leanings. Which is all right, they built the and can steer them any way they like.

Power of Google

During my research, I have stumbled upon a YouTube video that alarms me a little. I know we all see the popup adds, and we all have agreed multiple times via the fine print on every app. To allow the large companies, and even some small ones to “Collect and track our data” If fact tracks and collect data, that is then sold, to everyone from marketers to political parties.

EpsteinThe video I stumbled upon was a Senate Congressional Hearing with Dr. Robert Epstein, former Chief Editor of Phycology Today magazine. Himself a self-proclaimed Democrat, with strong left leanings, and he voted for Hillary Clinton. (

In his testimony, he stated with certainty that Google searches, and the information they showed. Along with Facebook had swayed 2.5 million votes. When pressed by Senator Cruise he noted that was the minim. Moreover, they might likely be able to change the votes of as many as 15 million votes in the coming 2020 election.

In Conclusion

In 1992 there was a movie with Robert Redford, Ben Kinsley, Sidney Portia, and yes even Dan Ackroyd, named “Sneakers” The Premise was that they (Redford) had invented a box that could break the code of any database. Of course, the NAS and Kinsley would do anything to get their hands on it and have full access to all of our code, or data. What has stayed in my mind for years was a quote from Kinsley…
“It’s all about the data… Marty”

Google ToolsIn today’s world, that is so divisive, and companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Cambridge Analytica, and even Tesla. You have to know; it is still “all about the data” they are all collecting on every one of us.  I’m 100% sure it is a thing, if I am doing a Google search for shoes, no more importantly a Google search for flip-flops. Shouldn’t they deliver more views for flip-flops? It is a great business model.

My problem starts when they, meaning all of the companies mentioned above, renders only things they want me to see, not based on my searches, but to sway my opinions. To a substantial extent showing in my search results, ads designed to manipulate my opinion, and change my vote. Is a slippery slope; when large tech companies attempt to sway us. I hope we do not need all slide down that slope.

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Moreover, have a Wonderful Day!