Password or p@SzVV0Rc! No matter how you spell it, they all mean the same thing. In today’s world we are bombarded with the need for passwords. There are essential passwords like you Laptop or tablet and phone. What about Netflix, Face Book, Linked In or Instagram, Mortgage or Bank Accounts, the door at work, the list goes on

More Passwords

How the list grows when you think about it. In by business every site has a password, every site I have an email associated with the site, what about hosting access, then analytics for Google and their Face Book and all of their social media accounts. I could very conservatively have in access of ten passwords for every client. Then have to remember then all, not a chance. I take my job very seriously, and protecting my clients is part of my job. I use very strong keywords everyday.

The winners are in…

The most popular passwords for 2016 are;
10 – 987654321
9 – 123123
8 – password
7 – 1234567
6 – 1234567890
5 – 111111
4 – 12345678
3 – qwerty
2 – 123456789
And the winners is  < 123456 > obviously named because most programs require only a six digit password.

This list of passwords in simply programed in the hot keys of every hacker in the freaking world. If the hacker  gets any information about you they will follow up with your birthday, your birthday backwards, you spouses forward and backwards, the word monkey, your dogs name, your cats name, you children’s birthday with the cats name first or last, qwerty, year of your first kiss, your first girlfriends moms name, Wow I don’t even want to go there, and  finally the word love, and every iteration of it loveya, lovebug, etc. Love is used 23 more times than “hate” or “fuck” however, they are all still whole words.

Really ” qwerty “

Are you kidding me, we can’t get any more creative than the top six keys of the keyboard from left to right? Man we are totally predictable. (now 1/2 half of you are looking at your keyboard)

However, there are emerging technologies that we are testing things like your finger prints, your specific ekg and so on. There is a start up in Toronto Canada that is testing your ekg signal. Apparently we all have unique heart rhythms. This is safer than fingerprints for example. Because you leave your finger prints everywhere. So if you are alive, maybe your hearts signature is better. But let’s get back to things that can help us today.

Password Help

I never (well almost) never mention a product by name. But because this is so important I’m going to break my rule. There is a company called One Password  One password hides behind multilayer encryption that is top notch.  It is multi-device centric and safe. Basically you create one complex, very strong password, and they will save it and apply it to all of your accounts. You will go ahead and create strong passwords for all your accounts. But only remember this one long, strong, nonsensical password, and it will open the doors. I know Open Sesame comes to mind.

The problem the way I see it is, if you ever loose that password, or it does get hacked then the hacker will have all of the keys to the kingdom, Open Sesame comes back to mind. But both hackers and very reputable programmers have mentioned it to me by name. So I’m guessing they must know there stuff.

In conclusion

In the end non-whole words, meaning random selected letter and symbols, both capital and non-capitals, or upper and lower case, at least 16 characters long is the best. Please use a Strong Password Generator tool .

And always have  help you build and maintain strength is your design, SEO, and passwords.