Marrying TechnologyMarrying Technology, This week’s royal wedding was all about the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Not being a Royals watcher, much of the fan fair has escaped my attention and care. It has, however, got me thinking about how we marry a sorted list of technologies every day. None the less, the royal wedding was fascinating, I mean fascinating that anyone would get up at 2:00 am to watch the blessed event.

Why Marrying Technology

Seriously I suppose it was the event of a century (again) just like his brother wedding. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all of the pomp and circumstance ringsthat surround Marrying Technology. And I believe there is some truly impressive history and traditions that are involved in the Marrying Technologies.


Just like the search engine business (SEO for short), there are celebrities. And I believe to a large degree we should pay homage or attention. They have not acquired celebrity status for no reason. They might have been the first player in their respective, field or have better technology than a previous competitor. Just bear in mind, there will always be another. So, don’t swear your soul to just one technology, it takes hard work to make both partners in any marriage work, both providers, and consumers.cloney

Avoid Imposters

impostersIn the SEO game, we must avoid imposters. Or in other terms only deal with white hat (or Vail) techniques. Marrying Technology is a dangerous game if you are not honest and above board. Your actions may cause pain for the end user. Marrying Technology requires a high level of honesty, integrity, and reliability. If the end user’s expectations are unfulfilled, then you as a provider have failed. Always, in the end, think of the end user, and work to meet their expectations.

Disconnectwhat have I done

Have you ever woken up and thought what I have done? Do you sit at a dinner, or date and feel all alone? Don’t let Marrying Technology cause any disconnection with the end users. We all have too many devices and technologies at our fingertips. I write this while I am sitting here on my laptop, watching my phone with one eye, listing to (Pink Floyd) on YouTube, with my Bluetooth headset.

It is far to easy to let technology create a rift between us and any other human beings. Please stay, and encourage clients and end users to stay connected to the human race.



In Conclusion

In this past week of Royal Weddings, with all of the pomp and circumstance. I encourage you to consider Marrying Technology appropriately. Keep a balance between you and the ones (technologies) you love. Hug another human being today.

And always, have e2 Total Solutions help you while Marrying Technology to any other Technology