Link Building Services Link Building Services for SEO – Any long-standing and proven SEO strategy must include Link Building Services. Although at one time it was frowned on by Google because it was abused by many Black Hat SEO providers and shady webmasters. If you deploy only White Hat practice, it historically has always proved very valuable.

Let’s Look Backlink building

On October 5th, 2014 the Google Algorithm corrections called Penguin was released. Many people thought it was the end of the world. In reality, it only affects about .03% of all English-speaking websites. Many large companies like JC Penny’s, BMW, Overstock, and Forbes were among the casualties.

Because they were caught being bad actors. Operating in a very Spammy way with the deceptive internet. Meaning they were concerned only about Quantity, and never considering the Quality of the link. Today if you have high-quality links it acts to dramatically increase your search engine ranking and therefore dramatically increase profitability. Link Building Services in today’s world must have quality relevant content to the site they are linking with.


Let’s discuss a little of the terminology that surrounds quality Link Building Services. Because many people are confused about what they are, and how they work. I know this will help clear things up:

Acquired or Organic: These are the best kind, usually involuntary or frequently paid for from a reputable source. These types of links include high-quality articles, blogs or advertisements and certain kinds of social media, from and too quality content.

Reciprocal links: These have lost most of the there value in googles eyes. With the Jagger algorithm update, Google stated that these do not indicate genuine popularity or value.

Blog Comments: Usually these types of links turn into a “No-Follow” situation. They are frequently abused or misused. Unless the site has Link Building Servicesan active comment, administrator censoring and blocking them, the search engines do anyway.

Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is a way to save a web page in a public arena. These usually include an “Anchor Text” that redirect back to a website. Most search engines crawl these and have SEO value.

Image Links: This is when there is a link embedded in a photograph. Usually, and some types of social media, they can have value, if linking to appropriate content.

Deep Linking: These are some of my personal favorites. These links go from a deep page to another deep page. They are generally linked from quality content to other quality content and relevant subject matter. They have great value in optimization and Link Building Services.

In Conclusion

linksThere are many more types of Link Building Services we have not discussed here in this blog. Inline linking, Internal linking, Page Rank, Directory linking and many more. In short, I know this is a proven technique of high-quality Link Building Services.

However, it can be perilous. When Link Building Services are handled in a White Hat manner. It will generate long-term value and is generally beneficial to the overall health of the site, its value, and viewers.

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