Link Building

Link Building – is an activity I blog about often. It is not for any other reason than Google cares so much about it. I don’t know any other way to say it than Googles very first algorithms were largely built aground link building. Therefore Link Building should be important to you and your SEO strategy.

The History

To truly understand the history of link building, you need to understand the climate of the internet when Google was conceived. It was the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. While they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California.

Link Building was their brainchild largely based on the only player in the “search engine” arena at the time, American Online Inc or AOL. In short, the AOL algorithm looked like this. If you are “popular” it made you more “popular” In short once you were fashionable, it was almost impossible to displace your site.

Link BuildingLinking

The original idea was search engine was called “BackRub” In short; they believed that a back-link from one site to another was a far better methodology of popularity than well just popularity. It looks like this. If you ran a sheep farm in Australia, and you liked the methods and the way a sweater shop in Denver, Died and weaved your wool into sweaters. You might be inclined to link from your web site to theirs. Thus, creating a Link, or backlinks as they are referred too.

Now the original term “backrub” starts to make a little more scene.

Types of Backlinks

There are many ways to acquire or get backlinks. There is the infamous “Anchor tag or link” Then image links, .edu .org. and .com links. The list goes on and on with image, social media, spammy and non-spammy, Internal, local only and the list goes on and on.


The important thing to consider is that each link and different type of link is assigned a different value from Google. You can think of it this way. The more difficult a link is to get, the more value Google assigns to that link. For example education or edu. Links are difficult to come by. Imagine the value of a link from Harvard Law School or Review to your law office? Very valuable.

On a contradictory note, I have seen links being “sold” from an under construction page to a live site. Google see ‘s this and punishes both sites accordingly. I have seen pornography site’s sell links to legitimate business. The lesson here knows who is linking to you, and who you are giving up your linking juju too.

In Conclusion

We frequently educate our clients on both how to acquire links, and provide them. To appropriately practice link building there are several things to consider. 1) Is it deep page to deep page? 2) Is it or to another reputable site? 3) Is there a relevant continent at the origin? 4) Do they use your domain by name? Or are they text or subversive?

There are many ways to measure and see all incoming links to your site. I would strongly recommend you use one of these, then disavow any un-reputable sites or links.

As Always if you are confused or unclear on the value of building links. You should contact e2 Total Solutions for a complimentary review, then recommendations concerning your site’s links.