Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – Marketing online can appear to be a mystery. A path that is too difficult, or time-consuming to go down. To others, it is a rabbit’s hole that seems never-ending. And to many more, it is just too much research and testing, and this A B thing is too much even to want to solve. Then why are there some companies that do well, while others struggle? Is it luck or preservice, yin or yang, strategy or chaos?


Six Simple Rules

In today’s blog, I am going to explain a few simple rules about Internet Marketing. Some of them are simple rules that at the onset appear obvious. And others is confusing and time-consuming. However, they are always worthwhile.

  • Value Proposition – Do you understand your value proposition? Far too often the owner of a website or the product is to close to the idea or widget, or service to see clearly how to use internet marketing to help sell the product or service. Get some advice from a trusted thoughtful mentor.impatience
  • Market Research – Many times there is too little market research. You might think it is a great idea, but to many, it is too expensive, or impractical to deploy and use. Do your unbiased market research, and test Internet marketing. In the long run, it may save you both time and money.
  • Under Marketed – I have been teaching marketing and more importantly Internet Marketing for years. And have been saying “You must shamelessly market yourself!” I know many people fail at this because they are self-conscious, or speaking up. Well get over it, join a chamber, go to local networking events, join a Meet-Up or BNI, visit other social events. I have little patience for people that fail because of fear of public speaking.
  • Inconsistent Messages – A few people do quite well with the marketing aspect of owning a business and website. However, fail miserably when understanding how the public sees They frequently confuse the consumer by trying to sell to many things at once. Focus on what makes you unique. Then do that better than the competition. (refer to value proposition Item #1)money
  •  Impatience – Often I see people doing list items one thru four correctly, but want their internet marketing to work… right now! We are becoming a society of people that ‘Want It Now” That does not always work with marketing. Perform proper research and proven methodology, then stick with it. The race is not always to the rabbit, but sometimes to the tortoise.
  •  A&B Testing – This is self-evident to me. But many practitioners of A&B testing do it all wrong. This is a long-term approach to your internet marketing. And you need the patience to do it correctly. Change just ONE thing, the measure again. Re-evaluate, change just one thing, then measure again. Re-evaluate and change something else. There needs to be some patience, and honest evaluations to do this accurately, but it is always worth it if you follow the data!

In Conclusion

The internet is a wonderful, exciting, and painful place to do business. Some succeed without really trying, while others fail slowly and very painfully. I want you all to succeed, but if you are going to fail, I hope you can crash quickly.

I mean that in the kindest way. If you fail, you are that much closer to your next venture. But by all means, learn something from the mistakes. And you can always rely on e2-Total Solutions to help you put the puzzle pieces together for your internet marketing. From Value prop to A&B testing, we are here as a reliable resource.



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