Google Cookie’s Set Cookie Record – I often write about Google in my Blogs. I often speak of them with admiration and respect. I am usually in awe of their internet prowess, power, foresight, and vision. However, Google’s cookies have set a new milestone.


In an article recently published* during one week surfing the web, Google Cookies were set an astonishing 11,189 times. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that cookie can follow of your searches and sites you hit on the cookies

We all have said, and in our hearts, we all know the answer. However, we say, “I only searched for shoes one time, now there are show ads everywhere.” The reason for this is simply because Google Cookies (and Facebook) have been set, and are tracking and spying on you.

Google Cookie’s

In a short ten years since its launch, Chrome has blown away the competition. It dominates the browser market with a full 50% of users. The next closest is Mozilla’s Firefox with a measly 10% of consumers. In the end, you have to understand and maybe even respect Googles Cookie’s strategy and plan. They are, after all, a marketing or advertising company that some times masquerades as a browser or new source. However, so does Facebook. Both vying for every set of eyes, and advertising dollars they can get their hands on. So, in the end, if you believe they are anything but profit drive, you are a fool.

Firefox Browser

I mentioned Firefox earlier, because in the same article I read, one of many. The comparison is made between Google Cookie’s and Firefoxes. More than just the ability to set cookies, but more of an analogy on how to protect yourself and your data, or search history from marketers, hackers, and thieves. Unfortunately, Firefox won the day. With the ability to protect or block the setting of cookies.

If you are using Chrome, look in the upper right-hand corner, you will see a grey box or little round picture of yourself. Google Cookie’s set if you can see that Icon. Apparently in the “terms of service” we all allowed Google to track us, even if you don’t remember, in that agreement for Gmail, you let them to “better serve your” when using Chrome as your browser. Moreover, they are savvy enough to encourage you to switch to chrome, every time they see your default browser is someone else.

In Conclusion

There are many popular browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari; I like Explorer for several reasons until a couple of years ago. They all are good, and each has many great features. Privacy has been a topic of discussion in many internet circles for some time now. We all want to have our cake and eat it too. You are genuinely kidding yourself if you in any way, believe Google Cookies or Facebook’s pixels are not tracking you. Moreover, they are straight up, for-profit marketing companies.

seeing eyeThere have been many that suggest a switch to Firefox due to its stronger privacy policy. Alternatively, you can surf incognito which I prefer. Moreover, hire a service like “Hide My Ass” or “Norton’s VPN.” Either way, if you don’t take a proactive stance to protect your data, you will get what you have always got.

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* Geoffrey A. Fowler – Technology columnist