Game ChangerGame Changer – I mean a real game changer in the way we think… Let me back up a bit. I am a basketball fan, well I mean a sports fan in general. I played all sport through high school, basketball, football, track, baseball, hockey, ski team, riding my motorcycle through the halls… wait that wasn’t a sport, but it should have been. I only briefly played in college; I was to busy looking forward to a career. Let’s just say I have been very busy playing and enjoying sports my entire life.

Real Game Changer

When I grew up, the sports changed and became a little more fun, and a little dangerous. Skydiving, extreme snowmobiling, deep game changer golfscuba diving, flying. But most of all they became much more expensive. I did all of this while maintaining a career and ultimately building my businesses.

Still, I stayed in touch with my hometown roots. I had season tickets for about 20 years to the Utah Jazz basketball team. Ironically the seats were next to one of the guys I played high school ball with.

The long and short of this story is that I gave the seats up. They were extremely good seats, three rows off the floor, right behind the visiting team’s bench.  I gave them up after the pain of watching, and going to every game 42 in all; all season became too monotonous.

The Game Changer

skydiveA fan might think that is a little blasphemous, but it is true. Going to every game is a lot of work. The game changer might have been flat screen tv’s, or the over-enthusiasm of Law Enforcement to so search diligently look for DUI’s after every game. Don’t get me wrong; I still love sports, all sports.

I have been watching the playoffs with enthusiasm, but I watch and watch players often effortlessly run up and down to score, no deference, only offense. Then my mind slips off as it so often does, how does that compare to what we all do for a living?

I’ll Tell You

The true game changer is always playing the only offense. We must begin playing offense all day every day. There is almost no time for defense because we are too busy playing offense. That is the game changer when players collapse on someone running into the paint; we dish off to the three-point shooter hanging around the perimeter. The game changer happens when we find a way to protect against the easy layup, and the three-point shooter at the same time.

In Conclusion

flyI love sports metaphor’s; they so clearly bring our imagination into play. We need to master the game of SEO in the same fashion Huston has mastered the art of driving to the basket for the easy layup, then dishing off to the perimeter as soon as their opponent collapses on them. Make a game changer out of all your SEO efforts, just like Houstons is the best team in the league, play to win, be the game changer in your client’s SEO world.

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