Don't Gamble

Don’t Gamble with your Website. I ironically received an email from a trusted source this morning saying “Back to Basics” is the word of the day. I suppose they go very much hand in hand. Gambling with your site could include items like “black hat” techniques, “shady” marketing practices, or downright trying to “manipulate” Google. In the end, it will be a fool’s errand, just like gambling.

Kentucky Derby

Speaking of “Hats” yesterday was the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby. Or as some like think of it as the beginning of the Triple Crown. Meaning there are three races this season. And to win the crown, you must win all three. A feat that is nearly unbeaten, and very rare, not just in Horse Racing, but sports in general.

“Country Home” was the winner. After a challenge, then overturning the final results by a decision, and disqualification of the horse that crossed the finish line first. Country Home was a 65 to 1 odds winner.

Don’t Gamblejockey

Do not ever plan of winning with the odds against you like that. In general, you should always look for a much more “sure bet” like following my colleague advice and stick with the “back to basics” approach.

A back to basics approach includes solid content, fresh content, an active (and appropriate) social media campaign, a rock-solid link building strategy. And finally, don’t gamble with your reputation. e2 Total Solutions has become aware recently of parts of the Google algorithm that inspect your “Reputation..”

I have said many times that Google does not do anything for “NO” reason. There is always a purpose. Reputation management is not any different. In fact, when you consider it, there are major advantages.

The Way Google Sees Itwinner

Google has an affinity for things that are out of the control of a business or induvial. Link building is the perfect example. Google likes it when (organically) somebody decides to link from their site to you. Think of it as a valuable “vote of confidence..”

It is very much the same way they see a review. Don’t gamble with your reviews or your reputation. There are several places where you may want to review a business, site, or individual. We all use them Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, and maybe even Linked In or Pinterest.

In the search engine’s eyes, and the prospective buyers, the review cannot be manipulated by the businesses themselves. Therefore, Don’t Gamble with your reviews and always monitor your reputation.

In Conclusion

I have always had a hard time with gambling. Not that it has ever been a problem. Quite the opposite. I work hard for my money, and find it frivolous to waste it on something as foolish has a “horse race” or anything that is completely out of my control.

Don’t Gamble with things that are out of your control. Your website and all social media aspects of it are in your control. With maybe the single exception of your Reputation. That is precisely why Google likes it. We are dependent on solid and reputable business practices that are out of our control, and very unlikely to be manipulated by our sites, businesses. Always work hard to satisfy the clients, then treat them right. Then when they are satisfied, and when appropriate, ask for a 5-star review.

You can always ask e2 Total Solutions to help with your web site. Now we can include a reputation management review.

Speaking of hats