Detox your website and build strong bones. As is to often the case, what is going on in my life is reflected in my blogs. I have a friend and health coach who is helping me create better overall health and fitness. It seems all of us could use coaches in our health, business, and lives. Her company, Integrated Health Coaching, is full of tips on living a healthier life and on how to create and maintain a better life. Here are some of my ideas on how to strengthen your web site.

Strong Bonesexercise

The overall health or your website starts with stable, healthy bones. I have written about the value of the basics on your website many times. Building strong bones never end. Just like your body that needs calcium to maintain and keep healthy bones, your site needs detoxing and supplements. Here are four essential ideas to consider:

  1.  Set Goals – Like any good productive fitness plan, you need goals. Therefore, set goals and more importantly, have a plan to accomplish them. Your goals should include building brand awareness, providing information on products and services, and lead generation.
  2.  Start and Get it Right – If you are just starting out, or already have a web presence, get it right. I guess you could say detox your website. There are many more things that can hurt your site than you might imagine. Start with a reputable platform like Word Press. Because using relevant content as well as evergreen. Keep it fresh by blogging, and never cut and paste, or steal content or information.
  3.  Use Social Media – I have frequently said that social media is the bane of my profession. There are many ways to lose control of your reputation and brand here. Do not be toxic toward others; be active, confident, and optimistic. Detox or delete bad behavior or misrepresentations from the past. Project a professional image, schedule and post frequently, do not always post about your products, keep it captivating, so they keep coming back, and always request and respond to reviews.
  4.  Always Build Relationships – This as all of the other tips requires an ongoing and concerted effort. Therefore, building a link building strategy, join chambers or networking groups and industry associations. Remember that it is not who you know; it’s who they know. Strong relationships benefit you and your business’s websites on many levels. Actively build and maintain strong relationships.


Link BuildingThe title of today’s blog is compelling to me. I am currently in the middle of a detoxing cycle recommended by my health coach. However, it seemed to me that we all need to focus on the beneficial and get rid of the damaging or unproductive parts of our websites. I am guilty of this too. Delete old blogs that or less relevant or outdated today. Keep all content fresh and current; this includes all phone numbers and address. Moreover, protect your reputation and respond to reviews.


In Conclusion

Detoxing your website, your life, and your body seems overwhelming. However, it is crucial to the longevity and survival of both. If you need help finding a health coach, contact Integrated Health Coaching, if you need help with Social Media, Optimization or your Website always contact e2 Total Solutions today.

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