Design SEODesign SEO – SEO by Design would be a better title for this blog. This topic has been rattling around my head for a while.  Today is the first post, in a series about how to effectively design a web site. I think the reason this idea comes to mind is that I have been running into so many poorly designed web sites. Not just graphically or visually, but architecturally as well. I am infamous with my clients for saying… “How does Google see your site” if it is poorly designed, you’ll want and need to fix it.

How many

The question is how many ways are there to improve your website, or more importantly your website’s ranking? I suppose in the end, that is the goal. An improved ranking ultimate provides income or improved revenue. Even if your site is nothing more than a brochure type site, you want it to be found, or followed. If it is nothing more than a blog, you still want it to be found or followed.


If you learn how to design SEO into your site, you will be far better off in the beginning. The question is how do you do that? In this series, I hope to enlighten you a little. We will discuss:

1- Design for Mobile
2- SEO for Images
3- Structured Content
4- Link Building
5- Spamming yourself

By building these simple principals into your website, you will be much further down the SEO road than if you ignore the obvious. These are not always difficult to obtain or achieve. But I will always default to one simple question “How does Google see it…”

In Conclusion

Design SEO becomes more and more simple with the regularly or frequently you incorporate it into your online or website building practices.

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