Design Mobile First – Google has come right out and told us all to design for mobile first. There are two distinctly different types of Advanced Mobile Design or AMD. The first is by definition Web Design the next is UX or applications designed specifically for mobile devices.


Advanced Mobile Pages are not that difficult to produce. All you have to do is remove all of the javascript and anything cool, including motion on that page. However, that sounds very unappealing to casual users.

I started by saying that Google wants us, as web developers, to design for mobile first. I have always said the “Google will always do the right thing for their clients, the end user.”  That statement is absolutely true. I have noticed for a very long time, the slow upturn in the use of mobile devices. Every month, when I pull ranking and analytical reports for my clients. I have watched an ever-increasing number of mobile users. Thus, if we as clients or consumers of Google are demanding and exercising our vote, to use mobile first and more often, then Google must and needs to respond to our wants and desire, and they have.

Design Mobile

There are a few primary concerns to consider when designing for mobile devices. They tend to be similar regardless of whether you are designing for an App or a Website.


The so-called K.I.S.S. rule of anything states “Keep It Simple Stupid” That is true when Design Mobile first — trying to cram too much information or too many buttons on a web page, or mobile App will only confuse and discourage users. Keeping it simple, clean, quickly understood and informative will encourage users. It will also keep load time to a minimum. These is the primary objective when considering AMP designs. Obviously, in this case, the age-old adage “Less is More” applies when creating either web pages or Apps.

Design Toolsapple

Word Press automatically creates a mobile page with all of their current themes. If you are using an outdated version, or theme this is not the case. There are several tools available to help test your Design Mobile pages; you can look in the Search Console or Google amp project, there you will find some.

In Conclusion

It does not really matter if you are designing a web page or an application for mobile devices. Use K.I.S.S. as your standards, and you will see several SEO benefits come from your efforts.

1st – Improved Usability
2nd – Faster Page Speed
3rd – Decreased Bounce Rates
4th – Less Duplicate Content
5th – Increased Social Shares

I have said before that I am a child of the Star Trek generation. I am also a believer in Nostradamus and DaVinci. Both of whom foretold of “handheld” communication devices, just like the ones we accepted as normal devices on while watching Captain Kirk talk to Spock or Scotty demanding more warp power and speed.






I am not Captain Kirk, but I do know if you Design Mobile first. Your SEO efforts and your web site will perform better and rank higher creating many monetary benefits for you, and your site.

So always have e2-Total Solutions help you defeat the Klingons and with the SEO battle.