Black Hat Crucifying SEO – It has been said many times many ways, what does not kill you makes you stronger. On this Easter Sunday, I could not help but think about how often I see a site that has crucified their SEO. In most cases, it is an innocent or old mistake, but it is still a mistake. Today I hope to clarify a few ways to help you out, with Winning SEO!

SEO that Kills it

Duplicate content – I cannot say enough about this practice. If you even think about copying or cut and pasting. Stop it already. Google does not need to re-index the exact same content multiple times. Please make your contact us, and any similar pages “no-follow”

Keyword stuffing – This is just embarrassing. I know it is an old, outdated technique. However, I still see it. Cramming the “keyword” as many times as you can into content is not a good practice or procedure. This is surely a Crucifying SEO methodology
Great SEO

Cloaking text – OMG, I hate to take the lords name in vain on Easter. However, are you kidding me? I have as recently as a few months ago seen this. The site did not rank for its own name. I mean if you typed in their exact URL it still did not come up.  It was a fairly new site built by a nefarious company and programmer

Slow or unavailable websites – More and more Google is paying attention to site speed.  If you follow this link to the Insights test, there you can check your site for not just internet speed, but programming errors that slow your site down. Surely this is Crucifying SEO

Good SEO

Too many goofy links – Links, in general, are a slippery slope. Too many outbound and it is a Crucifying SEO practice. If you have too  few inbound links from poor, unrelated, irrelevant, or dissimilar websites and it acts as Crucifying SEO. Be thoughtful, and you will enjoy having inbound or outbound links as a winning SEO practice

Social media – Wow this is a topic that needs more time that I have today to discuss. Zuckerberg is in the process of learning a “Billion” dollar lesson. Be honest, straightforward and for goodness sake, discreet and careful, not everybody needs to know everything about you or your family! The internet is a dangerous place, watch what your children are doing

In Conclusion

There are so many ways to Crucifying SEO. I try to weekly provide you with a thought-provoking, Bad SEOedgy and informative blog. This happens to be a topic that means a lot to me and my industry. Far too many people say they provide SEO services. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been in a “networking” or “meet –up” group, and somebody asks me what I do.

When they respond and say “O ya, we do that too” I just want to smack them in the face! You do not do proper SEO too. It requires a special skill and understanding and perspective.  Over the years (almost decades… with an “S”) I believe I have developed that perspective.

Always have e2 Totals Solutions provide the understanding, perspective, and knowledge you need to help not crucify your SEO and web ranking efforts.