Links – with Authority are from websites that have established a substantial degree of trust and authority with search engines. These are links that dominate because of their age, quality, trust, citation, and size. There link Authority is a somewhat subjective concept.

Links For SEO

Link building is the basis of any solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and plan. To begin with, there are several elements to consider when building a solid SEO approach for any website(s). Site architecture, meaning meta-tags, relevant and current copy, blogs and their topics, photography and their tags, and much more.

Social Media, how many platforms are you on? Who follows you, and who do you follow? Are they appropriate for you or your business? Is the velocity of followers increasing or falling? Do you post actively or very infrequently? All of these matters to an effective social media strategy.

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Which bring us to linking. There are so many things to consider with deploying a link-building plan, what type are they text-based, anchor tag, image links, re-directed links, or even to a frame? And more importantly, where do they originate? What is the trust, citation, or influence flow of each link?

A Brief History

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Well Rounded Linking

Many people often ask “why do you care so much about links” The short answer is because Google cares “so much” about them. Google was the second attempt to build a search engine, by Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google. The first attempt was called “BackRub,” and the algorithm was largely link based. It seems the only valuable search engine at the time was America Online Inc. (AOL) With the AOL formula, if you were popular, then you became more popular.

Therefore, anyone first in a given space could rarely be displaced. Larry and Sergey decided that it was the incorrect method. And that “who linked” to you would be an afar better measurement of importance or value. Then, as they say, the rest is history.

Who Links to You

There is an interesting anomaly that happens with this SEO strategy. It is a measurement of value, who is linking to you. Therefore, .gov and .edu or dominant Url’s even Google itself, are the most valuable. When you really think about it, they are also by far the most difficult to acquire. To get a government organization to link to you, or better an educational organization, has incredible significance. Imagine having the Harvard Law Review link to your law firm. That is precisely why they are so prized because they do not just hand out these types of links.

In Conclusion

There is so much to consider with links. The age, quality, trust, size of each linking partner. Then are the links one way or reciprocal? What are you given away when you link to another site? Well, that is a topic for another day. I have given you a lot to consider when deploying a link building plan.


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However, always, please contact e2 Total Solitons when considering any links or link building strategy. We will help you figure out how all the linking fit together.