Blog for BusinessBlogging for Business – Blog for business is a topic that recently came up in a networking meeting I attend. As always, they turn to the “expert” in the room. The question at hand was more about having your site ready for the big Christmas retail blitz. My answer was a resounding…


The answer is almost always the same; you are too late. That is right to have your site “organically” ready to participate in the big Christmas shopping season, you have already missed the boat. In business as in life, I believe you should be a forward thing, and planning for the future.

At the writing of this blog, Christmas is just less than 12 weeks away. Meaning the Christmas season for all intents and purposes is just blog for businessabout four of only five weeks away. If you began to blog for business, right now you would be far too late.

Blog for Business

When you blog for business, you are defiantly thinking long term. I have been preaching to my clients and business associates that preparation is key. If you want to start an organic marketing campaign, you should have been planning last spring. Then beginning implementing during the summer.

bloggingBlog for business takes time to have any long-lasting effect. By thoroughly planning it out, then implementing early, consistently, and with a goal in mind. Having your site ready to receive any additional traffic and other items at a completely different discussion. But to blog for business requires a long-term thinking process and enduring planning.


The timing of your blog for business is part of the planning process. If you blog about Christmas in the middle of July, your readers become confused and disinterested. However, your blog for business could include information about supply chains, vendor channels, specialty products or holiday promotions and of course your unique value proposition. There are many things to blog about yours or any company if you think about it.

In Conclusionblog

Before you begin to blogging, please have a plan or objective in mind. Think it through, meticulously plan it out, then measure, adjust and re-measure, then adjust and so on. Consider the items or messages you want the reader of your blog for business consumes. Think of the benefits of doing business with you. Build your tribe of following before the holidays, and it will work out for you both through personal satisfaction and monetarily.

And by all means, have e2 Total Solutions help you with you a Blog for business strategy.