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Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence in our election cycle is and has been, inevitable. The machines can calculate or count ballots far faster than humans, however, how on earth can Broward County in Florida get it wrong again and again? The common denominator is Dr. Brenda Snipes. She is the weak link. Moreover, Occam’s razor stated that she is most likely the problem.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of you know I am a fan of technology. I track it, monitor it, and frequently blog about it, however, I also often take my topic from current events. That is why could not miss the opportunity to jump into the botched elections in Florida. I am the owner of a medium-sized business, it not hard to see which side of the animal kingdom my viewpoints support. I also try to be as non-partisan as I can.
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No artificial intelligence

Nonetheless, Dr. Benda Snipes has made a mockery of the election cycle. It is a travesty that she alone has screwed up so many elections. Artificial Intelligence could quickly and easily, in a fair and non-political manner resolve this problem. Dr. Snipes has consistently and continuously shown her incompetence and political bias.

Artificial Intelligence vs. No Intelligence

My topic was to discuss some new and insightful trends and advances I have observed in the field of Artificial Intelligence. However, I cannot turn on the news for even one news cycle and see the incompetence shown by Broward County and Dr. Snipes. Her one-sided view of how the world should impress even the likes of Secretary Clinton, who cannot follow simple subpoenas, not to destroy hard drives. Speaker Pelosi, who what to vote for it, so we know what is in it. And even the mindless Maxine Waters, who was for it, before she was against it. Then let’s storm the doors of the Supreme Court, and Tucker Carlson house. These altercations have become ridiculous.
No intelligence

Use AI to Benefit Mankindintelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence to perform simple tasks that even Big Bird can master (like counting) is the aspiration of all humanity. I remember when I was a child, going to the platinum and watching an exposition on Robots. They were going to rule the future, and relieve the burden of manual labor for all of humanity. The responsibility of counting ballots would be among the tasks that could quickly be taken from us.

Florida and especially Broward County have proven our democracy’s future depends on it. I don’t care about the political leanings of Dr. Snipes; however, she has single-handedly caused us a loss of faith in a fair and honest election cycle. Many good people cast ballots for the candidate they thought could serve them better. Moreover, through a sheer lack of Intellect, we have all lost confidence in any fair outcome.



In Conclusion

I truly wanted today’s blog to become a treatise on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. How it can, and is, improving our lives. Sure, there is much to consider, I am concerned when Facebooks experiment’s with Artificial Intelligence run amok, by AI’s developing their own language. By the military creating self-driving killing machines through Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence

Yet the upside is endless. AI making billions of calculations a second, to discover how the universe works or evolved. Making and calculating the probability of diseases or treatments, and the list goes on and on. Even making simple calculations, to the decimal point, on how to keep a bridge from collapsing.

Our lives continue to be enhanced through, and because of Artificial Intelligence. Do not let the misguided agendas of mindless ideologues destroy our faith in democracy or humanity future.

Moreover, always trust e2 Total Solitons to help navigate the unknown world of Artificial Intelligence, and how to count.