Is Your Website a Turkey

Is Your Website a Turkey? There are many different kinds of turkeys, the turkey shoot, the turkey trot, turkey day, the country between the Black Sea and Syria, the berry, beard and more. Webster’s online dictionary has 56 different entries related to turkey.  In today’s blog we are only going to concentrate on the Second definitions.  Webster’s definition is “2:  failure, flop; especially:  a theatrical production that has failed” So is your website or SEO efforts a Turkey…

Website Turkey

I guess that before we start to tear anybody’s website apart, and declare it a flop, or failure we have to understand clearly the purpose of the site. Some websites are merely meant to provide information, very much like a business card or brochure. Others may be self-serving and for the sites owners own pleasure; it may be a way to share photography or literature.  Still other website exists for the sole purpose of commerce, and to sell products or services.

Measure you Website

No matter the reason for your website, only you can decide if it is a Turkey or not. I know of a website in upstate Vermont that is run by a little old grandma, the likes to make and sell handmade Christmas Ornaments. Because her product is so seasonal she really only wants her website working in the fall and during the holiday’s season. If there is little or no traffic in the off seasons, she is not concerned, and still considers the site a success.

Fix your Website

If you deem your site a flop or failure, fix it. The sooner you get started the better. There are many items you can change or improve that will help reach your goals, whatever they may be, however you  need to get it done using only white hat SEO tenures. All major search engines like Google are getting better at catching cheaters. Do it soon, and do it right.



In Conclusion

There will always be a website or two that are Turkeys, but it doesn’t have to be yours.  The sooner you start the better. Over the holidays you may find the extra time to start fixing your website.

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