Website Train Wreck

I’m sick, sick and tired of listening to the Website Train Wreck called Obama Care! I’m just going to start by saying “If they gave me 1 billion dollars, and three years, I’d build a website that would rule the universe!” However, we have heard about this website for the entire five years of the current administration. We have looked past the election website / fund raising scandal, fast and furious, fake email accounts, Benghazi, the IRS targeting legitimate groups, the most transparent blah…blah, and on and on. I’m also sick of hearing “I don’t know anything about it,” “I just heard about it myself” or “I plead the fifth.”  I’m not just sick, I’m pissed off too! This is incompetence, and they should not be allowed to plead the fifth anymore…

Website Sickness

Website’s are not that complicated, however if you place your entire legacy on building a website that is supposed to connect all 50 states and 3 insurance companies a state, that’s is just 150 databases that have to communicate with each other. Then there is a little security involved, however, with a BILLION DOLLARS and 3 YEARS,  I’m guessing anyone that follows this blog could figure it out.

The incompetence kicks in when you FORGET to test it!  “We launched it, and forgot to test it first.” Are you kidding me? You forgot to test it… I’m speechless. I sold a website and optimization package three weeks ago to a very reputable steel fabrication and metal remnants sales organization that will be an e-commerce website. One week later we showed them the first round of development. Images, architecture, credit card processing and more. We have been testing it for two of the last three weeks, it is several months from going live and we have been testing it already. What were they thinking?

Websites don’t test themselves

This ineptitude is mind boggling. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. If you could ignore most of the stupid things that have been  done, this takes the cake. Maybe we should “Pass it so we can see what is really going to happen.” I’ll tell you what is going to happen. I have been self-employed for going on twelve years. That means I have purchased my own insurance for just over a decade. I was not a fan of “state enforced/sponsored insurance”  I’m an enturpuner and employ many other small businesses and their employee’s. I did not like the idea of anyone trying to tell me what’s best for me. I am a fifty year old male. I do not need pregnancy and pediatric care or coverage.  I do not want their plan, I do not like it Sam I am.

I am one of the 15 million

I never expected to get kicked out of my plan. “If I like my plan, I can keep my plan” I have 4333 skydives, I hill climb snowmobiles, I have scuba dived six atmospheres deep, I have fallen off a ladder while painting my house, I was caught on a machines exhaust and burned pretty badly, 3 years ago I spent 14 days in intensive care (we won’t go into that), but what the hell? I paid my insurance premiums, and my insurance company liked me.  Still I’m just now told my coverage does not meet the minimums standards, and my policy will be canceled!

Website Brain damage

Obviously I was tough on an insurance company.  I have had broken limbs, stitches and more scars that anyone cares to know about, however, spending years building a website that does not work, puts a scar on the face of our industry, and making it your “Signature Legislation” is unbelievable, unfathomable, thoughtless, stupid and incompetent. Then it launched, and ONLY six people signed up! What?…more people will quite following this blog, because of what I have to say, than could make their website successful the first day.

I rarely, almost never, send people away from my blog. However there is another blog called Matt Walsh’s blog. I strongly recommend you read this post ( Click Here ) It outlines problems with the legacy of our current lack of leadership.

In Conclusion

Websites are not magic, if fact most Junior High School students can build one. Granted getting 150 unique corporate and state sponsored databases communicating with each other may present a few challenges. The point is that no one should have been forced them to link together in the first place. Or if they had too, it should have been tested. The whole forced insurance debacle is untested as well. It will not work either.  The free market is, and was capable, it was working just fine. If you don’t understand the economy, the free market, health care, or the internet, stay out of the business and by all means don’t pretend you can build a website!

Or have build your website, we will come in under budget, and on time (with a well-tested website)